obsession: the dry bar detangling brush


I’m not sure exactly when it happened, but somewhere along the path to adulthood, my hair turned SUPER soft and super fine. I have a lot of it, fortunately, but trying to get it to do anything but hang limp, and especially detangling it, is a daily occurrence that I dread.

Until now!

Obviously, I added this to my basket because of the color. Seriously. But I also love the DryBar products and was excited at the thought that I finally might have a tool with which to detangle my hair post-shower without screaming bloody murder. This baby didn’t let me down!

No, I’m not being paid or perked to talk about it – I’m just THAT happy with this recent beauty purchase. Minimal snagging, even after a day of super-teased styling. Seriously, my life is a little bit better because of this bad boy!

Fine-haired ladies, unite! And check it out here. (Image from sephora.com)


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