one little word for 2014.

For the past several years, along with New Years resolutions, I’ve selected one little word to be a guiding star of sorts for the year. Usually it’s just something I do for me, but this year, Page got into it, too, and we decided it would be a word for the whole Smith household. (I didn’t even consciously realize this word has been on my brain a lot recently — it surfaced in the sentiment of our Christmas card this year.)

This year’s word for 2014: Adventure

adventure | one little wordI know there are a lot of 2014 adventures in store for Page and me, already in progress and some soon to begin, personal and professional, for the coming twelve months.


I can’t think of a more perfect word to begin the year.

In the spirit of making the word visual, it’s been fun to look at ideas for keeping one’s “one little word” around  from one day to the next.


Like a necklace with the word, similar to this one from Simplish


Or in this lovely banner from Earmark….


But the thing I really want is this plexiglass handwritten word by Colleen Atara studio. LOVE it.

Here’s to 2014 and lots of adventure. 🙂


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