Oscar Party 2014: The Color Scheme


I was prepared to settle in for a long session of color scheme perusing for my 4th annual Oscar party…but after mentioning to my co-worker that I was planning to, she immediately called it — “you should use the Pantone color of the year!”. Of COURSE! I’ve had my heart set on incorporating some black and white this year, and certainly there needs to be some glitzy statue gold mixed in, but the front runner color of the theme will be Radiant Orchid! It seems everywhere I look this year, I can find mint colored supplies (but had to search high and low this time last year when it was part of my 2013 scheme)…I’m thinking this year will be the same story — let the hunt for orchid party supplies begin! 🙂

Photo credits: I struck out tracking down original sources of many of these images — please let me know if you know where credit is due! Striped Oscar bags: studiodiy.com; Champagne + black-white runner: http://shelterinteriordesign.blogspot.com/; paper fan: lunabazaar.com.

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  • you inspire me.

  • As soon as I saw the photo, before even reading the text, I thought in my head….She is using the Pantone color of the year!! lol

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