home sweet apartment!


Yesterday, I picked up the keys to our digs for the next eight months. I’d post more than one pic… but this is essentially all of it. 🙂 One bedroom there in the back to the right, and a bath between it and the kitchen. Laundry is in the closet you see to the far left, and a large coat/storage closet is out of view, even further to the left, at the top of the stairs/entry. (First time in a second floor apartment – I thought it would be inconvenient, but I’m liking the higher views out the windows!)

It will be an interesting challenge to find a place for things between this one bedroom and some storage space, but I’m also grateful that it’s helping us prioritize belongings, only keep the things we need and love, and be reminded that while the “stuff” is fun, it’s far from necessary.

I’m looking forward to some challenges and projects in the coming months that I can share here. I’m hoping to write about maximizing small spaces, organizing every inch of cupboard  and closet spaces, and the whole idea of creating that feeling of “home” within a budget and effort level appropriate for a very short and temporary timeline.

Looking ahead to the (cozy!) adventure that awaits us here!


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  • It’s pretty! I like the wood!

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