Month : June 2014

the outside plan.


We’ve been selecting the elements for the outside of our house, and it’s both a blessing and a curse that it takes as long as it does with a custom design. For one, you have more time to think, change your mind, and eventually feel like you landed on the right choices. But also, it takes a lot of TIME ha! But all in all, we’re really excited about our choices and have been surprisingly in sync from the beginning on what we wanted.

We’ve known from the beginning (and by beginning, I mean March-ish) that we loved a steel blue/navy/gray paint color with white trim, and with some timber/stone elements to create a look we’ve starting referring to as “mod lodge” — a current spin on a bit of a cabin vibe, without going too woodsy/country. We had pinned a few images and looked at some front elevations that were getting close to what we wanted…and then of all places, the dynamic duo at Young House Love shared a progress photo of their show home, and we had to laugh — darken the paint color, and change the elevation a bit, but this is otherwise EXACTLY what we’d had in our heads as far as the overall look and feel!!



I’m all about being inspired, not copying, so we showed this house to our builder team, who helped us sketch out our own Smith-version of this idea, to fit our house. I don’t want to give it all away before we can show you in real photos, but here are a few hints…copper accents, a vaulted pergola over the front door, stone, timber, and this front porch light fixture I literally lose sleep over, I’m so excited about it. (Okay, this one was the one thing we straight up copied from YHL — I mean come on…tell me it’s not SUPER cool…)



book it!


It’s been too many months (Hawaii over New Years 2013!) since we last traveled together and that was more than a regional overnight getaway. I’m so excited to start planning for a long weekend over our 7th anniversary in September in Key West.

We are staying here and I’m clearly too excited…already planning my shopping and packing lists! I’m thinking we will be more than ready for a little break from our tiny apartment digs by then. 😉

Anyone else planning fun summer (or later) vacations??

the latest


I’m excited for all the posts to come sooner than later, but frankly there isn’t a whole lot new to catch up on quite yet. There have been more builder meetings, and blueprints, (and elevation drawings – above!) and conversations with the bank, but we’re smack dab in the middle of the paperwork stage, when there is little visual to show for progress.

It’s that hurry-up-and-wait period between closing on our first home, and working through all of the plans and specs on the next house so they, along with our financials, can go to the bank to begin our construction loan process. (That will be a separate post — I’ve learned a lot about construction loans and want to share, for anyone considering one!)


Assuming all goes quickly with the loan, we are hoping there’s a hole in the ground by the end of this month (and anticipating a December move-in date, if all goes well). In the meantime, we have to appease ourselves with the progress that the “for sale” sign is no longer staked on our lot. 🙂

More to come soon!