Month : October 2014

…and the Adamo Design winner is…

Adamo Frame Giveaway |


Thank you all for playing along in the Adamo frame giveaway! Comments were organized in order of posting date/time, and the random number generator determined that…


…comment number 33 is the winner! Congrats to Katie Bauder — Tara will be contacting you shortly to arrange delivery of your beautiful prize!


***Don’t forget! You still have until tomorrow (Nov 1st!) to order your own Adamo frame with a 10% discount when you mention Life In Yellow!*** Happy decorating! 🙂

bring it, november!


We are into the fourth quarter, leading up to Baby Smith’s arrival…so crazy!

Since last month’s update, we celebrated a shower with members of Page’s family, we’ve learned how to use our stroller/car seat, are scheduled for a hospital tour and baby class, and ordered our crib and glider, both of which are (fortunately!) back-ordered, since we’d rather they not arrive until we’re ready to move in. But a friends and family event from PB Kids brought a discount we couldn’t afford to pass up. Baby’s room is, while in pieces now, ready to pull together once we get the keys to our new front door. 🙂


November promises to fly by…I’m squeezing in as many photo sessions as possible before giving myself December to relax and regroup before the little guy’s arrival in early January. (While it’s looking like we won’t be moved ahead of time, we will at least be in the final stages of prepping to move, in December, which will keep us busy as well.) I feel like this third trimester is moving so quickly compared to the other two, and will only gain speed as we go. We’re okay with that though; we are getting very anxious to meet this tiny person, and I’m okay to be done being preggo and have a nice big glass of wine 😉 We are so looking forward to doing nothing but enjoying a simpler and slower pace of life with a third member of our family (and hopefully doing so sooner than later in our house!).


How far along: 30 weeks

Gender: BOY

Weight gain:   +14lbs…still on track for the final ten weeks (and crossing fingers things stay that way!)

Maternity clothes: Almost exclusively at this point, with the exception of a few open/drape-style cardigans, and a few swing-cut tops and dresses. My mom bought me a much-appreciated maternity coat…so nice to have one that zips!

Stretch marks: So far, no, but I check daily with paranoia and am guzzling water!

Belly button in or out: quickly becoming flush, but I would still call it an “innie”

Sleep: I hear this is how your body “trains” to be up with a newborn, but between multiple bathroom trips, heartburn, not being able to sleep on my stomach anymore, baby’s STRONG movements, and aches and pains in my hips and lower back, I find myself awake multiple times a night. (Although I must be dozing off at some point… Page reports I now snore…awesome!)

Best moment:  We enjoyed spreading bump love among family at a shower in Missouri last weekend. Page’s family got to feel kicks and we received some much-appreciated items for Baby. I’m so glad we could see everyone that we won’t be able to see at Christmastime, as we’ll be hanging close to home by then.

Worst moment: I can’t complain about much — but the sciatica and hip pain has not been fun! I’ve been seeing a chiropractor for the first time ever, and as a new mom herself, I’ve really enjoyed working with her and am finding some relief from the adjustments.

Miss anything: Solid nights of sleep. And some living space to sprawl out as we move in more baby items. Something as simple as making room for a cradle required some major rethinking on how to fit all the furniture. I’ve been taking a fresh look at things I was originally okay to “make room for” in the apartment…but now that it’s looking like we WILL be bringing a baby home here, more of it is going into storage to make room and create a little more zen for those first weeks.

Movement: I’m supposed to be using this app to count kicks (you pick an active time of day and check for 20+ kicks in a 2-hour period of time each day). Let’s just say, the app is not needed. I could pick any number of times throughout the day and get to 20 within a few minutes’ time. This kid is mobile!

Cravings: Yogurt, salt and vinegar chips, cinnamon rolls 🙂 In general, I feel like I’m starting to eat less. I can be famished, have a few bites of something, and then I’m suddenly full already. More mini-meals, but not room for much at any one time.

Queasy or sick: Not sick at all – just the physical aches and pains!

Looking forward to: My bestie flying in to co-host our second shower, and getting everyone together that day. Also anxious for the continued progress on the house (it has a roof and things are full steam ahead now!) and narrowing down the realistic timeline of when we might be able to close and begin moving things in. I was really hoping to not spend my maternity leave moving, but there are worse things. We’ve been told to “plan for January”… but let’s just say I’m hoping for a Christmas miracle!

Adamo Design Handmade Frame Giveaway!

Adamo Frame Giveaway |

I’ll give you a second to just ooh and ahh…aren’t these frames the coolest?!

Adamo Frame Giveaway |

I first saw these in another home and couldn’t stop drooling over them. To begin with, they’re HUGE and not just a typical 11×14 frame you’d find at most home goods stores. They’re handmade and the detail is so meticulous – even if you left them empty of photographs, they are already works of art on their own!

I have been following the maker of these gorgeous frames (they make amazing signs, too!) on Instagram, and had been mentally creating an order to place once we’re moved into the new house. Then, magically, Tara — one-half of the dynamic duo who creates these beauties — emailed, wanting to work together!

(Insert happy dance, here!)

Based in Ankeny, Iowa, Tara’s hubby, Matt, builds these awesome pieces and Tara works her magic on them with brushes, stencils, brads and more. Custom colors are available, and they come in a variety of sizes. And the amazing news?! She’s giving away one of her popular 24 x 27 sizes in “Graphite” (holds an 11 x 14 photo) with brad embellishments, shown here below (and yes that’s my phone next to it to show you just how big and beautiful these pieces are!).

Adamo Frame Giveaway |

Want a chance to put this stunner in your own home?? Here’s how to play!

Step 1.
Visit Adamo Design on Instagram or Facebook (or both!) to see more Adamo art. (You’ll want to follow/become a fan while you’re there…Tara will be hosting a second giveaway on Instagram and Facebook very soon!)

Step 2.
Leave a comment below, and mention either your favorite piece or a color/pattern you’d love to see made. Be sure to include your email so we can contact you if you’re the lucky winner! (Psst…if you don’t see your comment appear immediately, it’s all good — sometimes the spam filter requires me to manually approve, and they will show up shortly!)

One winner will receive the above pictured Graphite frame with brads and 11×14 opening. Free shipping (U.S. only) is included. Contest begins 9am CST on Monday, October 27, 2014 and closes at 4pm CST on Friday, October 31, 2014. Winner will be drawn from comments using random number generator, courtesy of Winner will be notified directly. Retail value: $100.00

Can’t wait to get your hands on a frame or sign? Between now and November 1, 2014, receive 10% off when you mention this blog post — a great way to get started on your holiday gift shopping (for others or…ya know, just you!). 🙂

decisions, decisions.

We thought we made a lot of choices the first time we built a house, but it turns out that was just scratching the surface. While progress continues on our future casa, we are knocking through all kind of choices — from the fun and visible (ooh, which light fixture to hang over the kitchen table?!) to the more mundane and overlooked (there are HOW many ways to texture a ceiling?!). I’m grateful that Page and I are both quick, firm, decision-makers…and in sync with our style (most of the time!). 🙂

Here’s a peek at just a few of the recent choices made…

Cabinet doors — Going with a full overlay, shaker style, painted white:64fcdc18aeb7a76da083bb93a3fa22a3

Ceilings — Executive knockdown treatmentdisplayfile (1)

Banisters — Wood (versus iron), painted white:displayfile (2)

Painted stair skirts…displayfile (3)

Mantel — added to the stone fireplacedisplayfile (4)

Interior columns — Going floor-to-ceiling stone with these

displayfile (5)

Interior doors — Five panel style, painted white


There are many more decisions to go — (up next, bath and plumbing fixtures!) and I’ll share as we have chunks of choices accomplished.

Happy weekend to all!

baby room update!

baby room

While this may be as far as we’ve gotten on the physical room, I’ve been continuing to pull together some details for this space, when we ARE able to move in and set up shop for Little Man. While he may arrive even before we close on the house, and likely will sleep in our room anyway for the early weeks, I still have the nesting bug and something about pulling a room together for him (whether he NEEDS it or not right now), helps me feel more prepared and ready to meet him.


Baby’s dresser arrived at our apartment a couple weeks ago, in time to house some clothes and provide a decent surface to change him on, as we’re planning on still living there for the first couple weeks after we bring him home. His crib and glider are on order, but both are backordered several weeks, which is fine with us, as it has nowhere to go in the meantime!



A couple things pictured are items I have my eye on, another couple are items on our registry, and a couple (okay…maybe half??) are things I’ve already purchased. 🙂

The hardware in the room (curtain rods, door handles, etc) will be chrome, the trim white, and the walls SW Sea Salt. I’m planning to do white wooden blinds and DIY some navy/white strip curtain panels for the window.

The mobile is from PB Kids, and is what kicked off this whole scheme! I love the boats but don’t want to go TOO theme-ish, so adventure/water/boating/whales is lightly incorporated throughout. (I’m planning to design a little print with the words to “Row Row Your Boat” as well!) The fabrics to the left are two crib sheets I bought – the aqua from Land of Nod (along with the aqua “Things” bin), and the navy from Etsy. The arrow fabric at right is a changing pad cover, also from Etsy. The adventure pillow was a find from West Elm, the lamp and striped pouf are from Target, the picture frame from Michaels, the whales print is from an artist named Lucy Darling. The dresser is from a local furniture shop.

I’m excited for the months to turn to merely weeks as we count down to both the time I can put this room together for REAL…and meet its new tenant! 🙂

Stay tuned for a GIVEAWAY!

Adamo Design Frame Giveaway |

Long before I met the friendly face behind these frame creations, I saw them in another home and fell. in. love. with the work! Each of these beautiful, awesomely oversized, handmade wooden frames are obviously created with great care and they make for an amazing statement piece in a home to feature a favorite photograph. I was thrilled when Tara of Adamo Design reached out to work together!

Stay tuned for details next week on how you can win one of her beautiful frames…and in the meantime, follow her on Facebook and Instagram to see more of her work…plus, she’ll be hosting a second giveaway on IG as well so you’ll want to stay in the loop!

paint picks.


I’m usually pretty decisive and don’t hem and haw when it comes to paint choices. I grab a couple chips, hold them up in the room I want to paint, and pull the trigger. I typically just know what I want when I see it and go from there.

Picking colors for a whole house at one time (and when said house does not yet EXIST to walk through and think through), is a bit of a different story.

I would guess all in all I started with a stack of about 100 paint chips. Yes, that’s a lot, but at the same time, I knew I wanted a palette of a few different colors so it was more like 20 or so options for a handful of hues. Page helped the narrowing down process by adding his preferences, and in the end, I was going back and forth between the final 20 or so picks, trying to get just the right combination that would all flow together, and each serve the purpose I wanted them to.

Voila, the backbone colors of Casa de Smith:

  1. SW Anonymous 7046
  2. SW Requisite Gray 7023
  3. SW Sea Salt 6204
  4. SW Extra White 7006housepalette

I feel like swatches never do a color true justice, and definitely not online, where every computer screen sees the color differently. As soon as I uploaded the above image, I felt like the greys look more brown than in real life, and sea salt looks almost sage-ish. So I went after images of the colors on walls in actual rooms to get a better feel.



This deeper grey shown above (“Anonymous”) will be the wall color in the main living area of our first floor – with high ceilings, lots of window light, and white/light trim, cabinets, counters, and doors, we wanted a wall color with some drama to add contrast. Page has also opted to put this in one of the upstairs bedrooms that will serve as his office. He did a similarly dark grey in our last house and we loved the man cave vibe it created.



This lighter grey (“Requisite Gray”) is very similar in intensity, but a hair warmer, than the Mindful Grey we did throughout our last house and loved. If you asked me to walk into the room and tell you which was which, I likely couldn’t, but when I see the two next to each other with Anonymous, I like the way this one feels just a hint warmer/earthier. This lighter grey will run throughout hallways, the upstairs landing, powder room, laundry room, and our master bedroom, as these are areas that either are small with fewer or no windows, or feel a bit darker because of carpeted floors.



Page is not a fan of “baby blue” and I have to agree — I’m not a BLUE person, either. But I love the seaglass part of the color wheel, and a good, greeny aqua hue. I wanted this zen color in our master bath/closet to give a spa vibe, and also in the nursery, playing off the bolder aquas and navy that will go in there, as opposed to going with neutral grey walls (We already had two large grey pieces — a dresser and glider to work with, so grey walls felt like overkill).

I sort of agonized over this color because it’s so hard to find a “light aqua” that isn’t somehow TOO juvenile or babyish feeling, and leans more green than blue without going MINT. While I originally passed over the swatch of it, when I see Sea Salt in real rooms (and when I randomly learned it was the wall color at my chiropractor’s office!) I loved it so much more and saw how it takes on the blue/green/gray of what’s around it, and is vibrant yet subtle — the true “seaglass” kind of feel I had been looking for.



The final areas that I want to incorporate a fourth and final paint color are the front flex room (which will serve as photo studio space) and the fourth bedroom that will serve as our guest room. I had to stay pretty light and neutral for photo reasons, and after circling around the PALEST of pink hues for a while, I came back to wanting to try the look of pure white walls (“Extra White”). Especially against the richness of wood floors, I’m excited to bring in elements of colors through accessories that won’t cast color on my subjects like a wall color would. I also have a lot of colorful pieces planned to use in the guest room, so a neutral white will hopefully make a great backdrop.

Neutrals are tough for me, but I didn’t want to commit to some overly dominant wall colors and then change my mind after actually moving in and seeing it on the walls. The pops of color will come in through accessories and things I can change out easily as I change my mind. I’m really happy to have the final choices decided…so I can start thinking about how to layer some more COLOR on top of them!

october updates…framing!


We are anticipating that framing will be wrapped up by the end of this week/early next at latest! These first couple shots are from our builder at the start of the month.


And this one of me and the babe was taken last weekend. That’s the future breakfast area I’m standing in. Woot!


It was so helpful to see an album from our builder of another build in a town nearby, with a floor plan very similar to ours. Yes, the finishes will of course all be different, and a few things are moved around, but the nuts and bolts of the overall flow are quite similar. It’s hard to gauge scale and size when you can see right through the walls, so comparing some “before and after” pics has been fun.

If you were to look at the above shot of the breakfast area, and then pan to the right, eventually the kitchen will be there, looking similar in layout to this:


The front “flex room”…



…will eventually look a lot like this.



And our master…



…will look something like this:



The latest we’ve heard is to “hope for Christmas, plan for January” as far as our close/move-in time frame. Not far from what we’ve been planning on all along so we’re locking down a month to month agreement in our apartment (at a rate that will make our house payment look like a walk in the park — GULP!)  … and just hoping our little guy wants to stay nice and cozy in his current digs until we are in ours!