Month : December 2014

38 weeks: the final countdown!

38 weeks

“Papa Rosie” and Baby touring the new house | 38 weeks

How far along: 38 weeks

Gender: BOY

Weight gain:  up 28 lbs…the past few weeks I’ve been hungry ALL. THE. TIME. Clearly the scale is reflecting this, sheesh! Baby has been having his final growth spurt, for sure!

Maternity clothes: The more comfortable and easier to step in and out of, the happier I am. 🙂 I’ve completely ditched heels and boots as of this week – if it doesn’t go with my Uggs or my Toms, I’m not wearing it!

Stretch marks: I think I’ve spotted a mark on the underside of my bump, but hard to know for sure until I can get a better (post-delivery) look! Otherwise, so far, so good!

Belly button in or out: flush, and the top is popping out a bit.

Sleep: Still waking up multiple times a night to use the restroom, but while my lower back has stopped giving me fits, now the pain and discomfort has moved into my pelvic floor. How’s THAT for TMI? 🙂 It feels like every ligament in my groin and inner/upper thighs is stretched to the point of snapping, and if I move the wrong way in my sleep, I am instantly awake because of the pain. Thank goodness we are nearing the end…

Best moment:  My last three weekly appointments have revealed consistent progress on the dilation front (again, TMI?!) but I’m just happy to know we’re roughly a third of the way there as far as centimeters! 🙂

Worst moment: My 37 week check happened just as my head cold was coming on, which may or may not have had to do with my blood pressure spiking that particular visit. I was suddenly swelling in my ankles as well, and my weight had jumped more than the weekly pound or so…all out of the norm for me. The nurses had me all nerved up about the changes, but the doctor assured me it was all fine as long as I started taking the order to “drink water” very seriously, which I did. By the next week, all the numbers were back down and normal, but it was a less-than-fun visit!

Miss anything: I’m very ready to have my body back to myself. To zip a normal, non-maternity coat up. To bend over and get what I need without lack of oxygen. To comfortably tie my shoes or shave my legs. You get the idea…

Movement: Busier at certain times than others, but yes lots of movement! He is officially head down these last couple of weeks, and tends to favor the right side of my rib cage to press his little butt and feet up against. Sometimes it’s just pressure, but other times it hurts and I either have to change position or actually push on him a little to let up – yowza, Buddy!

Cravings: Nothing specific, just lots of snacks. It seems every couple hours, my mind drifts back to hmm, what to eat next…

Queasy or sick: Finally kicking a head cold, but otherwise just uncomfortable.

Looking forward to: Signs of labor! There really is a reason this whole process takes nine months… we’ve gone from the shock of the news, to weeks of wrapping our heads around the idea of expanding our family, to final months of anxious anticipation, and finally now, to the “hurry up and get here already!” point. It seems so natural that this little guy join us, and I don’t feel scared of delivery, and neither of us is nervous about caring for this tiny person. We have both hit this super calm state the last couple of weeks, where we are almost bored, just waiting on him to start this next adventure!

our IKEA Rast Hack bedside tables!

When it came time to think about putting together our master bedroom, simply getting some furniture in there was at the top of the needs list. We were foregoing traditional dressers in favor of our built-ins, but I also wanted some oversized nightstands to balance out the room. I was done with smaller side tables that seemed dwarfed by our king size bed…and wanted whatever we did next to double as some real storage space. I never found anything I went head-over-heels for, but these pretties from Restoration Hardware were definitely hitting all the right criteria…

RH bedside table


…But, at $865 a piece (on SALE!), these were not in my budget. Inspired by blog posts like this one, we got it in our heads to try our first ever IKEA hack. Don’t get me wrong, I love some Ikea goodies…but when it comes to the furniture, we pick and choose since some of it is so cheaply made. Once we read some reviews and learned these are one of the pieces made entirely of solid (real!) wood, we dropped the hesitation and decided to go for it.

We started these bad boys back in August, technically. On a trip home from Chicago, we stopped at the IKEA in Schaumburg and loaded up two Rast dressers, with plans to hack them later that fall. At $35 a pop for these all-pine little units, we felt more than okay to spend a little money beefing them up and tricking them out, knowing we would STILL come out way below the retail price of the several-hundred-dollar dressers of my dream budget. 🙂


Thanks to friends going out of town for the week (and loaning us their garage/tools in exchange for a little plant-watering!), Page was able to build the dressers as-is…




…add some trim to the drawer fronts to make them more interesting…


…fit them with some beefier tops and tricked out the bottom base with some additional trim.


Yours truly (and my tiny assistant) helped with some puttying of the seams and nail holes…


With many overlapping projects at the house that needed Page’s time/brain space, and having to relinquish our borrowed garage space back to its owners, we called it a stopping point. But not before Page drilled new holes for the different hardware we had opted for…


…and we moved them into our apartment garage space for a couple of months, where Page took advantage of a couple occasional warm days to stain the tops and prime/paint. We were SO close to done, but they needed one final coat. Fast forward to Christmas Day, a heated half-built house with no one around, and not much else to do with no travel or family hosting. The final coat of paint went on, along with the hardware.

Ikea Rast Hack bedside tables 2

Just in time for the final weeks in our apartment with a little one, we were able to move these in to our temporary digs.

Ikea Rast Hack bedside tables 3

Love the look and LOVE knowing how little we paid (after supplies, these came to less than $100 a pop, including the initial dresser investment).

I can’t wait to take some better photos once they’re in their “real” home in the coming weeks, and properly staged with decor that’s currently in boxes. But until then, I’m still swooning, and organizing them of course. I’m in love!

planning for Page’s office.




Modern LODGE???


Or more traditional???

These are the three directions this guy is leaning with his home office vibe. He has sold the glass desk from his last office, and would like to move away from the couch he originally had in there as well. Just ready for something new and fresh and inspiring.

I pulled together the above mood boards to help him better picture what each direction might look like. He seems to be gravitating toward some mid century modern pieces, but with some rustic influence…anxious to help him pull this space together in the coming months!

planning for the basement.

LL Frame

 (click to view larger)

While the immediate goal is to get the upstairs levels complete and the house closed on so we can move in, we are already dreaming of the basement level and future finish projects for the coming months. We plan to be in this home longer than our previous, but nonetheless want to get started sooner than we did in our last home’s basement.

We’re already further along than we were the first time around, having the basement level framed, now. (I continue to be amazed that Page did this step completely on his own in the first house with no experience!). In this case, the basement is larger than the last, and with a baby on the way, his time was worth the money to have this phase done for us. We also had this level stocked with drywall so it’s ready and waiting when we need it. The number one phase Page did NOT want to repeat himself was the HVAC, so we asked the builder to have a crew run that as well. Much of the plumbing will already exist by the time we move in, where we need it, so it’s a matter of getting both an electrician and plumber in to finish those phases, hang the drywall, trim it all out, install flooring, and paint the walls and ceilings. Our goal is that over the first year in this house, we’ll be able space out the time and cost to finish the construction of this level. In the meantime, we are logging our ideas…

For a bathroom


For a spare bedroom

fifth bedroom

(Here’s the current state of these two spaces!)


For a storage area


For an under-the-stairs playhouse

under stairs playhouse

(Here’s our staircase, with the little doorway already framed out for future finish!)


For a toy closet

toy closet

(This closet is opposite the staircase and playhouse area.)


For a workout room

home gym

(Page modeling the future workout space…)


For a golf simulator / bar area…

golf simulator



And for some general living space in the middle of it all…


It’s a lofty list, but considering the upstairs is not a full two-story, we know much of life will take place on this lower level as our family grows. We are excited to grow into this house and finishing this level over the coming year will be a fun way of doing so!

addicted to baby jammies.


Eric Carle at Gymboree

This post is up there on the “rannnndom!” list, but it’s oh-so-true in these final weeks before Baby Smith arrives…I have an addiction to adorable jammies! I figure at least it’s a necessary and practical thing to own…but unlike diapers or bottles, these are WAY more fun to shop for! Here are some of my favorite resources for baby bedtime threads!

LOVE the Eric Carle line that has been at Gymboree this fall. Gymboree was my first job in high school, and while I wasn’t in baby mode myself yet (thankfully!), I can still remember all the training and customer reviews we were educated on, around the extra-high quality of this company’s sleepwear. They wash and wear exceptionally well…throw in some children’s book references, and I’m sold.



Hanna Anderson 

The Norwegian in me is partial to this Swedish-inspired company that offers sleep and playwear in a range of gorgeous colors and adorable patterns. Their holiday jammies are particularly cute with Nordic inspired patterns…but it was the yellow goats above that needed to come live at my house!


Kickee Pants

Baby Smith already has a few sizes and colors of these Kickee Pants (formerly Kicky Pants) jammies, ready to go. They are RIDICULOUSLY soft! I can’t say I’m overly crazy about many of the patterns and graphic designs they put out — I tend to just stick with the solid colors, and I definitely try and grab them on sale when I can, but they are one of my go-to gift items for a new babe!


Just One You by Carters at Target

I can’t not include a bargain choice from good old Target. I don’t find myself shopping for baby clothing a whole lot there as much as I do other stuff, but I picked these up more than once on my last run. I ended up leaving them behind…but then saw a favorite blogger post an Instagram of her son in the same ones…sold. I’ll be grabbing these on my next trip!


Old Navy and Gap

I LOVE anything Baby Gap, and jammies are no exception. This particular set came from Old Navy — you don’t find much black for babies, and again, I’m a sucker for anything Nordic-inspired!


Tucker + Tate

I couldn’t find links to some of the other specific sets that have been set aside for Baby S, but a few more of my favorite brands, if you’re on a jammie-shopping binge like me: Tucker + Tate, Tea Collection, Splendid, Petunia Pickle Bottom, Nordstrom Baby, and Mini Boden.

Here’s hoping that these adorable jammies will help him sleep longer stretches at night… 😉 Sweet dreams!

december house update!

Our goal in life right now, is to be able to roll into our new digs in the coming weeks, in this manner. 🙂


A lot has been happening at the house. The week before Thanksgiving, the drywall started to go up and Page texted me these pics from a couple lunch hour drop-bys (since it’s too dark to see anything after work now!)…

drywall 10436095_10101638906680037_1384208145402098571_n

…after it was mudded and sanded, the belly and I stopped by to check it out for ourselves!


Outside, a “warm” (aka above freezing) day allowed for the driveway to be poured…although you can’t see it under the tarp here. You CAN see our garage doors!


Meanwhile, more selections have been made. We met with our rep at the closet store to determine what would go in the bedroom closets and pantry. She was so good at configuring based on our needs, while helping us stick close to what we wanted to spend. Excited to be swapping the standard white wire shelving to a nicer, nickel finish, option!


We also went to pick out both our interior and exterior stone finishes. We were all about this flat, dry-stacked stone and are doing the light color (on top) on the exterior, and the darker (below) in the interior.


We have finally gotten word on a tentative closing date. Granted, it could move a day or two sooner/later, but in all, we’re looking at February 6 to wrap this party up!