38 weeks: the final countdown!

38 weeks

“Papa Rosie” and Baby touring the new house | 38 weeks

How far along: 38 weeks

Gender: BOY

Weight gain:  up 28 lbs…the past few weeks I’ve been hungry ALL. THE. TIME. Clearly the scale is reflecting this, sheesh! Baby has been having his final growth spurt, for sure!

Maternity clothes: The more comfortable and easier to step in and out of, the happier I am. 🙂 I’ve completely ditched heels and boots as of this week – if it doesn’t go with my Uggs or my Toms, I’m not wearing it!

Stretch marks: I think I’ve spotted a mark on the underside of my bump, but hard to know for sure until I can get a better (post-delivery) look! Otherwise, so far, so good!

Belly button in or out: flush, and the top is popping out a bit.

Sleep: Still waking up multiple times a night to use the restroom, but while my lower back has stopped giving me fits, now the pain and discomfort has moved into my pelvic floor. How’s THAT for TMI? 🙂 It feels like every ligament in my groin and inner/upper thighs is stretched to the point of snapping, and if I move the wrong way in my sleep, I am instantly awake because of the pain. Thank goodness we are nearing the end…

Best moment:  My last three weekly appointments have revealed consistent progress on the dilation front (again, TMI?!) but I’m just happy to know we’re roughly a third of the way there as far as centimeters! 🙂

Worst moment: My 37 week check happened just as my head cold was coming on, which may or may not have had to do with my blood pressure spiking that particular visit. I was suddenly swelling in my ankles as well, and my weight had jumped more than the weekly pound or so…all out of the norm for me. The nurses had me all nerved up about the changes, but the doctor assured me it was all fine as long as I started taking the order to “drink water” very seriously, which I did. By the next week, all the numbers were back down and normal, but it was a less-than-fun visit!

Miss anything: I’m very ready to have my body back to myself. To zip a normal, non-maternity coat up. To bend over and get what I need without lack of oxygen. To comfortably tie my shoes or shave my legs. You get the idea…

Movement: Busier at certain times than others, but yes lots of movement! He is officially head down these last couple of weeks, and tends to favor the right side of my rib cage to press his little butt and feet up against. Sometimes it’s just pressure, but other times it hurts and I either have to change position or actually push on him a little to let up – yowza, Buddy!

Cravings: Nothing specific, just lots of snacks. It seems every couple hours, my mind drifts back to hmm, what to eat next…

Queasy or sick: Finally kicking a head cold, but otherwise just uncomfortable.

Looking forward to: Signs of labor! There really is a reason this whole process takes nine months… we’ve gone from the shock of the news, to weeks of wrapping our heads around the idea of expanding our family, to final months of anxious anticipation, and finally now, to the “hurry up and get here already!” point. It seems so natural that this little guy join us, and I don’t feel scared of delivery, and neither of us is nervous about caring for this tiny person. We have both hit this super calm state the last couple of weeks, where we are almost bored, just waiting on him to start this next adventure!


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