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cooking for baby.

cooking for baby - resources and recipes |

Since early in my pregnancy, I geeked out over the thought of making my own baby food. I’m not an amazing cook, but I love to dabble in the kitchen. I also love the idea of raising a veggie lover like his mama (hopefully!). And something about chopping up fresh produce, mashing it up, and organizing it in portions is just weirdly therapeutic for me. I do think you have to pick and choose priorities so you don’t lose your sanity — I’m not a cloth diaper or make-my-own-wipes mother, nor am I doing any of the other millions of less-than-convenient Pinterest trends out there, but this was one I was definitely on board with.

To begin, I wasn’t sure what I really needed and what I could do without, or where to start as far as what babies can eat when and which fruits and veggies were easiest to begin with. Following is my diving-in recap and some tips and links to things I found helpful!

cooking for baby - resources and recipes |

After a friend and her baby introduced me to them, I registered for pieces of the Infantino ‘Fresh Squeezed’ line and have come to be a huge fan of this line. I don’t personally think you need ALL of it – but the press itself, the bags of course, and the attachable spoons all made their way to my house. Doesn’t Crew look super impressed with me??!


The other half of my toolkit is from OXO. I was gifted a couple of the ice cube trays (to freeze 1 oz portions of whatever I make a batch of). The OXO steamer basket was another favorite purchase. I love that the trays have lids (easy to stack and save space), and that the steamer basket fits like a glove around various pot sizes.

cooking for baby - resources and recipes |

As opposed to the pouches which are easy to send to daycare or just take on the go in general, the cubes will be what we likely use most at home.

Next it was finding the recipes. I had pinned a few online, but I really wanted to just understand a bit more about baby nutrition overall and how it corresponds with development. (Yes, geek alert.) I ordered a couple different baby cookbooks, but Cooking for Baby has become far and away, my favorite.


I love the color illustrations, the simple beginner recipes, and the progression in each chapter explaining as baby grows, how their palette expands and what to introduce and when. I also like the footnotes around each recipe with extra bits of trivia and serving/preserving tips.


I began with zucchini and pears. I bought both from the organic section, fresh, in my grocery store, but I have since learned to get the frozen version from Costco whenever possible – homemade baby food is already a huge savings, but to buy it frozen in bulk is an even bigger money-saver. So far, from the organic freezer section, I’ve done a batch of peas, and a blend of mangoes and blueberries.


For now, I’m testing out recipes to see what’s easy to make, and to just learn a bit about how to best batch-cook and preserve everything. For now, Crew is only taking a little rice cereal here and there, and I’m stashing a few options in the freezer until he hits six months. Stay tuned for his hopefully rave reviews! 😉

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Crew: Four Months!

Baby man is four months!

Crew | 4 months

You get to be more and more fun with each passing day! You “play” more as well as interact, you hold your head up more, and watching you discover things is so much fun. You aren’t quite a “supported sitter” yet haha – you slowly slumped over into this position while I tried to get a shot of you sitting on the chair. This expression kills me. 🙂


This past month began with you and I on our own a few days while Dad went to the practice round of the Masters in Georgia. Let’s just say I have a whole new level of respect for single parents! He came back (phew!) and the two of you – okay, just Dad – watched the actual tournament.


You continue to ADORE the ceiling fans in the house…


You love the Boppy lounger, which we borrowed from your buddy, Brooks…


…and among other firsts this month, you had your first baby tub bath – hilarious and you LOVED it! We also spent a rainy afternoon at home watching you kick a balloon tied to your ankle. You are so crazy and active! You love to chew on things — mostly, your Sophie the giraffe!


You still love being worn if you’re sleepy or fussy. Above, you played photography assistant while I did some session editing. 🙂  I have a feeling we’ll do more babywearing again when you can hold your own head up a bit more steadily — we still have to position you facing in until then, which makes you mad if you’re wide awake. You like to see what’s going on and be where the action is. You whimper if you can’t see or at least hear us when you’re playing and you constantly are craning your neck to take everything in. You are always certain you’re missing out on SOMEthing!


You had your first cold, your first rollover, your first rice cereal, and your first nights in with your first “official” babysitter while Mom and Dad took a couple breaks. You jabber CONSTANTLY and continue to be a SUPER happy, laid-back baby…except at bedtime! Your dad and I did a little experiment one night as we handed you back and forth between us. Each time you came to me, you got perfectly calm and when you went to Dad, you screamed bloody murder. You crazy baby. You know your bedtime routine as it’s been thus far (you and I sit in the rocker to nurse, in the dark, and you go in the crib soon after), so anyone else stepping into this routine is not kosher with you!  We’re working on it and know it’s just a phase, and it DOES balance out…Dad is apparently WAY funnier than Mom — he’s the only one who can get the really big laughs out of you!


You continue to steal our hearts every day! Happy four months to you!