Month : July 2015

Crew: Six Months!

Crew 6 mos |

We blinked…and half a year went by.


You continue to be the happiest baby — constantly laughing and smiling and jabbering around the house, and even in new places with new faces, you flirt and smile. You’re starting to express your excitement more by flailing your arms around and you sit for longer periods of time unsupported and have figured out to put your arms out to catch yourself when you get off-balance.


Perhaps related to more sitting up, your spitting up has slowed down significantly — something we’re all thankful for! You study everything — and scowl as you take it in. Daytime nursing has become quite the exercise, since you need a break about every 30 seconds to look at something behind you, beside you, or just take a quick scan around the room to be sure you aren’t missing something exciting.


Speaking of nursing, we tried to start some weaning a couple weeks ago and it backfired. Big time.  It’s strange — my original “goal” was to nurse for six months and I was a bit nostalgic about being done with this phase of motherhood, but then once I decided I was ready, I am now VERY ready and of course you are not! 🙂 You went on a bottle strike and as a result were so hungry and crabby that we went back to square one. After a couple of weeks of slowly doing a half-and-half bottle with formula each day, you’re back on track to where we were a month ago when we first introduced it, but no further progress. We’ll try again in another couple weeks or so, and I’ll go slower than I did the first time around. We may hit seven or eight months after all! Ultimately, it’s up to you…but I’ll encourage where I can. It will be interesting to see how introducing more solids this month (besides cereal, which you aren’t particularly crazy about) helps move this process along.


Sleep is slowly getting better. You’ve definitely been behind the curve for sleeping long stretches until just recently. In the last week or so, you go to bed at 7, wake anywhere between 1 and 2:30, then sleep again until anywhere from 5:30 to 7, if we’re lucky, and if it’s the earlier end of that spectrum, you go back down for another hour most mornings. You need the pacifier less and less to go down, and you are a total side sleeper. You LOVE to have the corner of a blanket pulled up against your face to fall asleep, so we just tuck the other end through the crib rail and under the mattress so you don’t tangle yourself…you do a LOT of rolling around in the course of a night!

You had a week or so where we kept the teething tablets and tylenol close at all times, but what we thought was teething-related crankiness seems to have subsided for now, but no pearly whites have popped through yet. You love to chomp on teething toys and have started manning a sippy cup of water all on your own.


You were baptized this month and it made for a very special weekend. We love the pastor who led a wonderful service, and it was the first occasion where all four grandparents got together since you’ve arrived. You are definitely the apple of everyone’s eye, being the first grandchild on BOTH sides!


You went on your first vacation! A direct flight from Des Moines to Punta Gorda (2.5 hours) and you did GREAT both ways! You were easy to entertain on the way down and slept most of the flight back. The long weekend included your first dip in the pool (you LOVED it, and went crazy splashing – not afraid of the water or having it in your face) and your toes took their first dip in the ocean.


In so many ways, six months seems to symbolize the transition to “older baby” — from first foods to the green light for wearing sunscreen, your world is expanding in so many directions. You are chunking up and this week at your six-month checkup, you clocked in at 16 pounds 3 ounces and 26.75 inches tall. Your hair is growing and while it’s so fair that it doesn’t show up in photos, up close, it’s getting thicker and appears to curl a good bit in the humidity.


You LOVE music and singing songs (If You’re Happy and You Know It elicits an instant grin!), you are starting to give “kisses” when we repeatedly smooch your cheeks, you love studying the kids at Book Babies time at the library, and most notably, you having started to say “da da da”, although we aren’t sure you know what it means yet. 🙂

Your dad and I are high-fiving each other on surviving the first six months of parenthood, but we are constantly aware of just how easy you truly are on us. You are such a happy, sweet, soul and we can’t wait to see what the second half of your first year has in store for all of us.

Cheek-smothering smooches,