Month : September 2015

eight is great.


Undeniably our most dynamic year of marriage yet, it has also been the most blessed. Thankful for the main guy in my life who’s been my partner for eight years now, as we enter a whole new dimensio of “us” in the roles of parenthood. I couldn’t ask for a better teammate on the journey.

Happy anniversary, love of my life.

organizing, baby!

organizing baby

The long and short of it is that a baby…equals way more stuff.


While in some areas I go crazy (as in…ALL the adorable baby boy clothes!), there are other areas I was super minimalist when it came to buying all the “stuff” (I finally caved and agreed we needed a jumper, but only now that the swing is gone – neither of which takes up a SMALL amount of space or looks very chic with the rest of the house ha – but this grin makes it worth it!).

In an attempt to keep from all the baby gear taking over the house, once Crew outgrows things, they are sorted into sell/donate, or keep, and promptly taken to the basement to be stored. There is so much stuff since his arrival and I’m constantly working to keep it under control. I love to see how others with littles are doing the same, so here’s my version of organizing/storing all things Crew-man.

crew's nautical nursery |

A while back I posted about Crew’s nursery. To take a little more in-depth look, here is how things are organized within its four walls.

crew's nautical nursery |

For the most part, the clothing he is currently wearing is divided among the dresser drawers by pajamas, tops, bottoms, and one-pieces. Socks/hats,/bow ties and other accessories have a drawer of their own, as do the muslin blankets he cuddles with at night. We designated a drawer just for burp cloths (hopefully we are nearing the end of needing those!) and another for sleep sacks/nighttime diapers.


Any clothing he hasn’t yet grown into (and anything “hang-worthy” he is currently wearing) is hung up and organized by size — super helpful when I’m shopping for upcoming seasons/ages to know what we already have in the stash. Toys for when he’s older and stuff for his someday “big kid room” are stashed on the shelf up high, spare crib sheets and changing pad covers are in the shelving on the right, and his collection of blankets made by family and friends are stacked along with his growing collection of stuffed animals! We are hoping to have his future play area in our basement completed by the time he’s old enough to really play with these, and many other toys, but for now is his small room, they set up camp here.

As he outgrows clothes (I seem to find something just about every time I put away a load of laundry), I either choose to pitch/donate, or it goes in a hidden storage bin under his crib. Once the bin is full it gets labeled with the size ranges it contains and stored in the basement. This is easier than trekking downstairs all the time, but also keeps too-small things from getting back into the drawers.


Just outside his door is the “kids bath” as we call it. The large section of this cabinet is perfect for stashing his towels, baby wash, meds, and the overflow of diapers, wipes, diaper pail refills, and more. (God bless Target subscription, yes??) Bath toys are stashed in a catch-all that suction cups inside the shower.


I try and work during Crew’s naps, but sometimes we find ourselves in our upstairs landing, where he can spread out for a little playtime while I try and answer a few quick emails. Eventually, I see this space becoming more of a hangout with some beanbags and a TV, but for now it has my desk and the Ikea shelf holds some bins of toys/books for the baby man.

Downstairs, I’ve designated a kitchen drawer to all things Crew-food-related. By now, all the pumping supplies have been moved out of here and replaced with spoons and sippy cups, and of course, the ongoing supply of bottles. A couple of dollar store baskets and a divider from IKEA help keep things in their place and easy to grab. Crew is entirely on formula now, which we buy in bulk and I store in this easier-to-open flip lid container.


I’ve been making my own baby food, and dedicated a shelf in our freezer to store it all. In general, when I make a batch of something, I divide it between some cube trays and pouches, eventually putting the frozen cubes into baggies and sorting both cubes and bags into separate bins for fruits and veggies. Super easy to grab a cube or two when we’re eating at home, or to send a pouch along to day care.


I’ve never wanted to carry a diaper bag — it’s not really my style, and my everyday bag is a pretty large tote that I do keep a spare diaper, slim pack of wipes, and changing pad in, along with a teether and a little cosmetic bag that holds some baby meds if needed. For the rest of the things I may need on extended trips out and about, I keep a fabric cube on the floor of the car near Crew’s carseat. In here, I stash a couple toys, books, blankets, burp cloths, more diapers and wipes, and a bag of various meds. For me, this works much more easily than carrying it all on my shoulder for as often as I really need it.


It’s still a lot of stuff – but I’m trying to keep it corralled! Anyone else have tips or tricks for keeping ALL. THAT. BABY. STUFF. under control??

Crew: 8 months!


This month, by far, has been the most hit-me-in-the-face-you-are-no-longer-a-tiny-baby month, yet! You are such a little PERSON with opinions and preferences and the ability to really communicate now. You’ve emerged from a bundle of blanket to a “talking”, army-crawling, clapping, tongue-stick-outing, GRINNING little guy!


Everyone comments on how they’ve never ever seen you cry — even those who take care of you multiple days a week for hours on end! You are such a laid-back baby and only get grumpy when it’s time to eat or sleep, or in a recent development, if someone else at daycare is crying (empathy…I like it) 😉 . While we try to keep your schedule loose and your world wide so you can roll with things, I am continuously amazed at just how well you can adapt to new faces, places, and routines without much more than a hiccup. Our Labor Day trip to Charleston meant naptimes and bedtimes happened in bright airport terminals, you were left with a sitter you had never before met and in an unfamiliar hotel room, you were handed around to new people wanting to meet you, and spent more time in your car seat than you would have preferred, but I could not have been more proud of you (or grateful!) for how beautifully you adapted.  You. are. the. best.


Your babble is becoming more intentional. While you do just ramble to hear yourself, there are other times when I walk around a corner and you’ll peer in the direction I went, and give me an “eh!” until I peek back around to tell you I’m still there. It must be your version of “hey! where’d you go? are you doing something fun without me?” 🙂 You only seem to use “mama” when you want to whine about a toy out of reach, or you’re ready to be picked up, and you say it while squinting your face pathetically until you get what you want. A recent favorite game is for us to hide around a corner until you army scoot around to find us. You get SO excited to see that you’ve found what you’re looking for ha! You’re enamored with all the floor vents and any and all cords (sigh…let the babyproofing begin).

I can’t believe I didn’t lead with this, but you are sleeping. through. the. night. After about a month of being on all formula, we slowly cut out the bottles we were giving you when you’d wake to get you back to sleep in favor of just the pacifier. I think this helped you to eat more during the day, so you were “stocked up” for a long night’s sleep. You go down at 7ish very easily, and with the exception of an occasional early-morning waking where you just need help rolling into a more comfortable position, or to find a pacifier you chucked out of the crib, you otherwise sleep right through until 6, sometimes later, in the morning. It’s incredible how this is changing our world and energy levels. I wouldn’t skip the newborn phase for anything, but man, this older baby period has some definite perks!


You want all screens, all the time. Iphones, iPads, laptops — sitting on the planes recently was particularly mind-blowing to you as you stared around at the sea of screens and couldn’t understand why everyone wasn’t sharing them with you. The first signs of frustration at not getting what you want have all been centered around this need for the screen. You’ve also put it together than the remote turns on the TV. Even turned away from the screen, if you see us lift the remote, you turn to face it to see what’s coming on. We’ve busted out a couple Baby Einstein DVDs for when we need 20 minutes to get some things done uninterrupted, and you are completely entranced. We call it Baby Crack! You have recently discovered a love of yogurt, and are all about your puffs. You can take or leave the fruit and veggie purees, but we keep sending them your way!


You started at a daycare center this past month and so far, we are very pleased with it. There are always pros and cons with any adjustment, but while we miss the daily text pics from our sitter, we like that you are getting exposure to other babies your age and a wide range of activities structured around your specific age and abilities. You haven’t learned to nap as well there yet (more noise and activity than your previous spot), but you appear to come home happy!

Just when I think you can’t get more fun or lovable…you do. Hopefully someday all this mushiness doesn’t embarass you — but if it does, oh well! 😉 Love you so, SO much, sweet little man.