the big O.N.E.


I can’t believe it, but I’m planning a first birthday party.

Yes, this little Christmas gnome will be *ONE* just after the holidays.


There are times it feels he’s always been here, but seriously…didn’t he just arrive on our scene, like, a few weeks ago?


I digress. (Otherwise I’ll start crying.)

With a birthday so close to the holidays, we’ve opted (at least for this first year, when he doesn’t even know what the heck a birthday IS) to roll his celebration, and our one-year-later long overdue housewarming, into a casual new years day brunch with friends and family. While he doesn’t need a single thing in the way of gifts, I DO want him to look back on pictures and see that he was celebrated. So naturally…the frustrated hostess of everything in me had to pull a little something together.

We’ll do a cake smash shoot sometime after the brunch, but when we do, I wanted to prop it a bit with some shades of metallics. Nothing too crazy (okay, the balloons ARE 40″ tall and will spell his name…Page is going to choke), but I figure you only turn one, once.

For the actual brunch, I do want to put together a little setup to reflect on his first year…I’m thinking it seems only natural to incorporate Instagram into the theme. 🙂 More birthday fun to come…stay tuned!

Update: Check out how Crew’s first birthday shoot came together here and the New Years brunch here


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