the trickiest space: the flex room


Our builder originally referred to this room as “the flex room” on their blueprint, and it couldn’t be more true for us. While many would dedicate this space as a formal dining room or an office space, for us, it changes based on the day.


On some days, it is my in-home studio space for newborn, baby, and small childrens’ photo sessions.  I opted for more closed storage for my props and tools as opposed to displaying them. Some were stashed in the white ottoman (which I recently sold), some in the hutch I repurposed from our last dining room space, and any overflow materials are in our built-in bench just outside this room.


On other days, it’s our bare, unstyled, extra room that I can’t quite seem to get some direction on. Crew loves to crawl in there and explore, and it’s nice to sit in the pool of natural light to read a magazine or chat on the phone, or just gaze out the window and check out the neighborhood happenings. Since the above photo was taken, I’ve added a curtain rod and sets of sheers (essential for controlling the light during sessions). I’ve also gotten in the habit of taking the beanbag to the basement when I’m not expecting a newborn session anytime soon.


In the meantime, this room has been serving as the Christmas Tree Room for the season! We went a little Clark Griswold and bought an extra-large tree last year on day-after clearance, and with a curious crawler around, we decided at least for this year, that we’d use this room (and its doors!) to hopefully control access to all those shiny ornaments and tempting cords. But now that the decs have come down, I’m ready to have a plan for this space.

I want this room to be LIVING space, first, and studio space, second. But to keep it friendly for shooting sessions, the walls need to remain neutral (no bright colors or busy artwork to distract) and the furnishings need to be easily moved/rearranged to accommodate a photo set-up.  I’m thinking a simple setup of colorful/mobile furniture and perhaps an interesting rug I can quickly roll up and away as needed.

I’m thinking some inspiration boards are in order…


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  • You have a lovely house and I wish I had your problem! We are bursting at the seams in our current house with no room to grow!

  • Your house is gorgeous! The shelf/drawer/hutch piece of furniture in your flex room-is that IKEA? I’ve been looking at getting that for a few months and I just haven’t been sure. I’m just wondering if you’re happy with it and how it is holding up over time…

  • Hi Sara!

    The hutch has held up well! It’s one of the more quality pieces I’ve seen from IKEA — although be warned, it took my husband a good couple hours to put ALL THE PIECES together. I don’t believe they offer it in this color anymore, but still have it in others!

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