Crew: 13 months!



I’m hoping to keep up with a monthly Crew update in year two, but I’m already late on the first one, so time will tell… 😉


At 13 months, you are suddenly much more chatty, and saying real words, or trying to, anyway. “Uh oh” is a big favorite right now, although you use it a little randomly in addition to times when there is actually something to ‘uh oh’ about. You have a very pronounced “ah dah” for all done after a meal, and you’re starting to use what sounds like “up” when you want to be up on the couch with one of us, or picked up. You don’t use it every time, but we’ve been working on this, as opposed to your other method of fake crying until someone picks you up. (Fake crying can also be seen below…when the door would only slide instead of swing, as you prefer it.)


You continue to love the water. Unfortunately, this has manifested itself in you playing in the toilets any chance you get to sneak through an open bathroom door. We’ve gotten in the habit (most of the time) to just shut them, since the heavy toilet lids no longer deter you, even if you DO get your hands stuck under them. So yeah…gross. We’re clocking some time at your water table (currently set up in the basement…come onnnnn Spring!), and this coming weekend, you will start swim lessons! Water, water everywhere.

You are improving on your “tricks” — you’ll show us how big you are, do a pout mouth when we ask what the fish says, and give high fives, and even blow kisses, if we prompt you by doing it first. You understand what it means to give hugs, give kisses, give “love” and you do so to both of us and a few other lucky recipients, and Babar, quite frequently.


You are getting better at following directions, including when we tell you to “push” a toy, or “shut the door” (when you’re in my jewelry armoire!), or “sit down” (about to slip and crack your head open in the tub).


You are a CLIMBER and as much as we try and give you reasonable space to learn, sometimes the hard way, you keep us on our toes. The other day, I came around the corner to find you standing in the trunk of your Cozy Coupe truck, trying to climb onto the roof of it. Sigh. You are going to age me prematurely.


You love to play and horse around. Dad is the best (of course) at chase, and the minute he comes home, you bolt from him grinning, waiting for him to “get you”! You like to be flipped upside down on the footstool of the recliner, and to be tickled. to. death. You also love to set the alarm panel…our new bribe to get you to put a coat on when we’re heading out the door.


You play peek a boo both with a blanket/towel over your face, and also by covering your eyes with your hands. It cracks me up when you do this — you don’t make a peep, just sit there and wait for us to notice you’re doing it so we can start the whole “where’s Crew???” routine. 🙂


You continue to be a pretty good eater, with the weirdo exception that you don’t like any kind of pasta (or really anything slimy) – including mac ‘n’ cheese. Who doesn’t like mac ‘n’ cheese?! Current faves in rotation are chicken nuggets, fish sticks, mini corn dogs, Mighty4 pouches, Veggie Straws, Goldfish, yogurt and all. the. cheese. Your nothing-slimy rule is interfering with the whole fruit thing – I try to sneak pieces of grapes on your tray among something else you’re eating and loving…and the second you touch it absentmindedly, you freeze, scowl at it, and chuck it from your tray. Thank god for applesauce, that’s about the only fruit you get with the exception of pouches! I’m thrilled that you continue to love milk, as I hear many toddlers just stop drinking it after transitioning off of formula. It’s your first demand when you wake up, and your last before bedtime. I’d guess you drink anywhere between 3 and 4 cups throughout a typical day. You don’t seem to care for the little bit of juice we’ve offered, but you will chug water.


You seem to be favoring just one nap at daycare anymore, for a couple hours right in the middle of the day. On days you’re home, you still go down easily for both a morning and afternoon, both lasting anywhere from 1.5 to 2.5 hours. You continue to demand bedtime right at 7, and are sleeping most nights until 6:30 or so the next mornings, sometimes as late as after 7 or 7:30. You like your sleep! Ah, it’s magical to type that.



I love what a happy boy you are (even, for the most part, when Mom put you in Cupid wings for a 13 month Valentine shoot!), your awesome curly ‘fro, and the oh-so-proud look you get when you’re standing on your own or walking with minimal help. I have a hunch this will be my last blog post about a crawler/cruiser. I think walking is coming soon! We love you oh so much, Crew Hayden.





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