Crew: 14 months!


I’m doubling up last week’s “Oscar shoot” as your 14-month pics. ūüôā It’s been a particularly fast 30 days from month 13¬†to 14, and you seem to have made big changes this particular month. Words are becoming more pronounced, your general gesturing at things has turned to very deliberate pointing, and you’re quickly realizing there are things you can’t do and that¬†frustrates you greatly!

I wouldn’t say we’re in a full-on tantrum stage, but it’s almost as if the “arch my back, squint my eyes, and groan ultra dramatically” for a few seconds has just become another “phrase” in your vocabulary. You stop almost immediately and are on to the next thing, but you’re not about to NOT let us know when you’re annoyed with the outcome of something. You are getting better about using your very limited vocab to let us know as well — “nah nah nah” (no no no) and “ah dah!” (all done!) are common when I pull out the snot sucker ha!


You are becoming more and more obsessed with the (growing) collection of Baby Einstein DVDs. I have to admit — I don’t even feel bad that you’re watching them. It’s engaging images and vocabulary set to classical music…and we’re convinced it just might emit baby crack as it plays. You are entranced, point to every new object and look at us to name what it is, and you break into huge grins when the kids come on, and you sway to the music. Did I mention? It gives us a solid 10 minute window here and there to do anything from unload the dishwasher (withOUT your help), to even¬†using the restroom in private.¬†It also helps (somewhat) deter your CONSTANT need to climb. Everything.


You have been doing swim lessons the past three weeks, with more to go, and are loving it. It’s kind of amazing to watch the progress each week, both in your ability in the water, and your huge leap forward in trusting your instructor. The first week you were cool as long as Dad was holding you, and you weren’t at all scared of any of the exercises or the water itself — it was merely the new face who would take you from time to time and demonstrate the drill. Fast forward to the next week where you had some trepidation, but you’d let him hold you (briefly) and by the end you were giving him high fives. This last week, you pretty much spazzed with excitement when you saw him and were laughing as he did circles in the water with you. It makes me feel good to see you trust other adults, especially another guy, since all of your sitters/teachers are women.

We are¬†itching for Spring to arrive and bring temps that allow us to be outside for more than a few minutes at a time. I sometimes think your lack of patience is attributed to needing some new environment and things to challenge you. I can’t wait to move your water table outside, eat some lunches in the yard, get to the park more, and eventually the pool this summer. We are planning to hang a baby swing from our patio overhang,¬†just for the season, as well. You have LOVED the few wagon rides we’ve been able to take you on around the neighborhood — any time we go through the garage now you point to it and start jabbering. ¬†

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You’re suddenly afraid of loud noises, and it’s one of the few things that will make you cry. You are doing better with separation anxiety that seemed to appear around your first birthday, although saying “bye bye” is not your favorite thing to do. You continue to LOVE bathtime, being naked in general, and your sippy cup of milk. I swear I’m at the store every three days buying another gallon. A couple weeks ago, we were at Book Babies at the library and you were¬†mesmerized by the day’s story,¬†Maggie’s Ball. So much so that I ordered a copy for home, and we read it at LEAST three times a day. Maggie’s ball is a tennis ball, so I got out a sleeve of them for you to tie it all together. It has become your new favorite toy – taking the lid off, the balls out, throwing them around the room, collecting them, putting them back in the tube, and trying to get the lid on. Hey, whatever keeps you busy!

It’s so fun to watch your little brain think right now – anything that “fits” into something else, connects, has a lid to remove/replace, is all fascinating to you. You now hold your pouch of applesauce, taking a swig of it, then putting the cap back on, then taking it off, between each bite. Learning, learning, all the time!


We are seeing more independent standing, but no steps yet. Mom has been over-buying for your Easter basket, the next holiday we can’t wait to celebrate with you. We’re all looking forward to the change of seasons with you and seeing what’s in store for you next. Happy fourteen months, little man! We love you!



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