Crew: 15 months!


Growing. Moving. Talking.
Exhausting. Amazing. 

That right there, could be the whole post. 🙂


But nope, this month’s post is especially long, after last month’s was brief and light on pics. But you’re also just DOING so much new stuff this month…so I have to report on it all! (And I keep holding off on taking an “official” 15 month pic…the weather finally promises some good days this week so we can get one OUTSIDE!)

You are busy, busy, BUSY. From velcroing the HVAC vents to the floor, to darting around all day keeping the bathroom doors shut, we are on our toes! You love to take everything apart, take everything out of its container, eat snacks, climb wherever possible, eat more snacks, dance along to music, give hugs and kisses and cuddle, hurl yourself down your slide, take off for the street the minute we get outside, eat even more snacks, climb out of anything you’re not strapped into especially while it’s moving (making wagon rides and certain shopping cart trips interesting!), and chatter, chatter, chatter. One of your latest tricks to is to point to things you’re not supposed to have, or go right ahead and do something you’re not supposed to (i.e. climb on top of your table) and then deadpan a scolding face and wag your finger at us saying, “no no no!”. So yeah…you get the concept…but the following through could use some work.


You are taking life by storm in every aspect — nothing you do is half-hearted. When you’re happy it’s the BEST belly-laughs and squeals of joy, when you’re frustrated, it’s an all out lay-your-head-on-the-floor-drama, and when you love, it is all-consuming hugs, kisses, and snuggles. One of our favorite parts of the day is when everyone gets home and you go back and forth to hug both our necks, then pull everyone in for a group hug and hold us both tight…you came up with this little routine completely on your own. You are SUCH a love bug right now.


Yes, you’re busy. And so are we. But it’s a really fun and exciting and engaging time with you – you are paying SUCH close attention to our every move, and you learn SO. FAST. Among your newest skills, you can show us where your head, tummy, eyes, ears, mouth and nose are, and tell us what the fish and the pig say. You know to hold up your pointer finger for “one” and are suddenly trying to pull your own clothes on when we dress you. It seems from one bedtime to the next, I’m reflecting on how much more you know over yesterday.


We are still practicing a few signs with you, to reiterate the actual words we’re saying. “More” and “all done” (yes, the demands) are your favorites, and we’re working on “thank you” and you’ve most recently mastered, “I love you”. As far as actual words, “up” is hit or miss, but you’re starting to clearly ask for your “mih” (milk) and “wa wa” (water). If we repeat it with you a couple times, you’ll talk about things you love by name — specifically “bubbo” (bubbles) and “buh” (school buses). You’re also much more consistent with waving and saying “hah!” (hi…with a southern drawl??) but still not a fan of “bye” or waving when you leave someone. Tender heart — you hate goodbyes! I have yet to catch a good waving pic on camera — below is the closest I’ve gotten — you were saying “hah” and waving like a crazy man here!



We can see your brain working so much more — you understand more of what we’re saying and are actively trying to listen and understand. I can ask you to hand me something or bring over an object you know by name, and you can follow the direction. You will spend several minutes at a time looking through a stack of books, dragging your finger across the pages like we do, and mimicking voice inflections as you babble. The evolution of human language really is surreal to experience!



You finished your first month of swim lessons, and I’ve enrolled you in a summer week-long session for June. You love the water and are almost TOO fearless, so we are more than happy to keep you learning when it comes to swimming. You love to slide, and swing on the patio, now that we’ve gotten a few warm days. You have certainly figured out that the best stuff is on the other side of the exterior doors and you are MAD when we don’t take you with us through them! A new thing is trying to reach your coat and/or shoes and “put them on” (see below) since that means you are going outside…hopefully the coat is soon a thing of seasons past!



The biggest headline of this month was that you moved from the infant (3-14 month) room up to the toddler (14-24 month) room in early March. After ruling the roost for some time, this is a BIG change for you, and frankly, for us, too.


When you’re at daycare, you only take one nap as opposed to two (although at home, you still go down for two naps with no protest, so I’m not about to change that!), you are expected to drink from a real cup at meal and snacktimes (no sippy cups! whaa?!), and you sit in a chair at a table, as opposed to a high chair. You no longer nap in a crib, rather on a mat on the floor. I’m still amazed you stay put for that, but the report is that you do!

You were very attached to your old teacher, so adjusting to all the new faces is taking a little time, and there have been tears at most dropoffs until just this week, and even during a couple pick-ups during the end-of-day craziness. It’s hard to see you sad, but we do know as soon as we’re out of sight, out of mind, you’re busy tearing around the classroom. We’re working to learn these new teachers and their methods and always keeping possibilities open for your care going forward. While we had a fantastic experience in the infant room, we are less enthused about a few aspects of day care right now. We’re hesitant to make any rash decisions, but it’s also crazy how much notice you need to change up childcare situations, so we’re working on a new care situation beginning in the summer. On the bright side, you are able to be much busier in the toddler room — the toys are more stimulating, the peers challenge you more to share and get along (ha!), and the schedule allows you to go between different classrooms, the gym, music time with a visiting guitarist (the report is you LOVE this time!) and the playground outside. Much more variety in your day!


As for days you’re home with me, it’s been fun to venture out and try some new activities including Tot Lot, music class, the park when weather permits, and Book Babies. You always like to check in that I’m still around, but are otherwise very social and I like to see that you venture off in new places, unintimidated. Any day now, I’m hopeful we’ll get some consistently warm days when the winds are NOT 30mph, and we can add hanging on the patio with your water table and swing to our list of activities. W


As far as physical updates, you COULD walk on your own, but won’t! You will cruise everything in sight, walk holding onto a single finger, and take a couple steps at a time, but otherwise, you still drop to your knees (you know you’re faster that way!). We have yet to do your 15-month well visit, but when you were in last month for pink eye, you were closing in on 23 pounds. They didn’t take your height, but by my haphazard attempts to measure you, you’re about 30″ tall. And as for that hair, the curls continue to grow in full force. Suddenly every aspect of you seems “big boy” to me!



We had fun celebrating your second Easter (you could open your own eggs this year!) with a 3-and-under egg hunt downtown, and opening your basket goodies Easter morning. We are looking forward to more warm weather memories soon to come like the pool, the zoo, and things you don’t remember from last year like the farmer’s market. We are also getting excited for a family trip to Naples next month. Every new season with you brings anticipation for all the things we want to introduce you to!

Happy 15 months, sweetness.


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