Month : October 2016

Happy Halloween!

toddler scuba halloween costume |

In Des Moines, trick-or-treating happens the night before Halloween, on Beggars Night. It’s a tradition I had to adjust to at first, but now it’s fun to be able to have and share costume pictures ahead of time!

toddler scuba halloween costume |

Wishing everyone a safe Halloween, from our little scuba diver and the shark who tried to attack him!

toddler scuba halloween costume |

toddler scuba halloween costume |

Crew: 21 months


You’re officially 21 months today…or 1 and three quarters as this mama is savoring every bit of babyhood before you hit two!

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We kicked off the last month with a trip to Omaha over Labor Day weekend. We spent the night and split our time between the Children’s Museum one day, and the Zoo the other. You had a blast at both, but as parents I think we enjoyed the zoo the most — a bit calmer experience 😉


The “ball room” at the museum was a huge hit — it was constant joy dumping the balls in, watching them shoot out and trying to track where they were all going. The ginormous water table station was a favorite spot as well!


You loved seeing all the animals at the zoo — the bears and tigers were favorites, and it was a really cool moment to take in the elephants. It was tricky to get many photos, but the aquarium was an adventure all in itself — watching sharks and fish swim all around us as we walked through was beyond cool and you were entranced. It’s always an adventure to travel and do things out of your “norm”, but I’m so glad we made this trip and all these memories.


You’ve been putting together all kinds of short sentences now for a few weeks. “Dada go bye bye big truck?” “Digger all done dig hole” “Milk all gone, more?” You also are VERY into the succession of phrases, “Help mama/dada…over there…hand?” going for whoever will stop to pay attention first, and dragging us by the hand to what you want to do (often go outside or play with the DVD player). You’re also referring to yourself by name now…it was kind of a trip the first couple times we heard you say your own name!


You continue to love school and even the couple of mom drop-offs (as opposed to Dad, who normally does) have gone great. You LOVE your teachers and greet them with big hugs, and instantly scan the room for your favorite buddies. Knox is far and away your favorite friend! Starting this month, I’ve opted to bump up my work schedule a little to three days every week, as opposed to alternating two and three. It provides way more consistency for everyone and I have no doubt you’ll love getting to see all your friends Monday through Wednesday each week! (Below was “all about me” week wearing your favorite (or Dad’s favorite?) Masters hat, and then “pets” week where you were feeding the puppies treats…you LOVE dogs!)



The love affair with work vehicles continues — we saw a digger up the street on a home construction site ONE day and for weeks after you must’ve asked about going to see it ten times a day. I can’t believe the specific vehicles you can name (accurately!) — steam roller, combine, digger, bulldozer, cement truck, garbage truck…the list goes on and on. Mom is going to have to study to keep up!


I settled on a Halloween costume idea for you a couple weeks ago, but it hinges heavily on your love for your pacifier. Of course now that I’ve started to gather things to put it together, you’re all anti-paci. I shouldn’t fight this but the costume idea is so damn cute! I may need a plan B and we’ll see what you end up going as, come end of October. 🙂


You don’t like your hands to be sticky, wet, or dirty — at least once mid-meal now you ask me to wipe them off and say either “all wet!” or “mess! hand!”. Glazed donuts are oh-so-good but you’ve developed a love-hate relationship for this reason!


You continue to LOVE swimming lessons and your teacher, Chase. Because of the time, Dad has been able to meet us for a couple of them, so we’ve all gotten to take part and observe. You are still fearless in the water — all the more reason to keep you in lessons!


Hands down, your current favorite activity is brushing your teeth. We’ve accumulated a whole assortment of toothpastes and brushes — I have to hide it all every day or you wouldn’t have any gums left and when I do take the brush/paste away, it’s one of the few things you throw an all out tantrum for. I suppose it’s better than NOT wanting to brush?


You’re trying so hard to blow bubbles…but hold the wand at arms’ length, then wonder why nothing happens. 😉 We’re working on it!


You want to “help” with everything we’re doing and mimic so much of what Dad does. The other day he climbed on a ladder to change a light bulb and you were on that ladder so fast once he was done, reaching up high like you were going to change the bulb as well. Whatever he’s up to, working on, playing with…you want to do the same. When Dad had a friend over to watch the Ryder Cup, you were mimicking all their cheers and watching the TV as intensely as they were!


Under the weather buddy today. #selfdiagnosing #crewyeartwo A photo posted by Liz Smith (@lizblogphotog) on

In not-so-exciting news, we kicked another round of Hand Foot Mouth this month. I can’t decide if it was better, worse, or equally as awful as when you had it about this time last year as a nine-month-old. The sores were more in your mouth and diaper area this time around, making for a very miserable few days where you would cry for food and drink, but then cry when either hit your poor blistered mouth. Seriously, where is the vaccine for this? I’d take chicken pox ALL DAY LONG over HFM.

Friday morning routine with my mini man. #crewyeartwo #tothelibrary

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We headed out for your first apple orchard experience — I was hoping for a little more tractor action, but you were plenty entertained with picking and carrying around the apples.

IMG_4211 IMG_4261

Life is crazy and busy but oh-so-fun with you right now. It’s so awesome to see what each new month holds for you — and us! Love you lots, little man!