Month : November 2016

planning for Camp Crew

It’s still a few weeks away, but with the holidays between now and January 5 (and the inevitable slow-down in ordering/shipping/business hours), I’ve launched into planning mode for Crew’s second birthday party sooner than later. I’ve started to just consider it another one of ‘the holidays’!

Last year, we piggybacked his first birthday (that he was of course completely unaware of) with both a one-year-later housewarming and a general New Years celebration, hosting brunch with lots of friends and family. It was a larger bash, and this year we’ve opted to just make it about Crew’s birthday and keep the gathering much smaller with a few of his buddies and their families.

Camp Crew Inspiration Board |

A January birthday in Iowa of course means celebrating indoors. But that didn’t mean we couldn’t bring the outdoors in. For his second birthday, we are opting for a chance to set up a cool tent and eat some marshmallows — a camping birthday!

IMG_3057 copy

Between the popular plaids everywhere in seasonal merchandise (hellloooo after-Christmas clearance scores!) and the popularity of camping/adventure in kids’ home decor, it’s been easy to find a variety of items to incorporate into his party theme. I also feel less guilty about investing a little — I’m planning to use some of this after the party, permanently, in our home.

IMG_3079-1 copy

I’ll be back with the full run-down and day-of photos, but for today, I’m excited to share where a great party all starts — the invitation! Envelopes came from Paper Source and I designed the invite myself. The oh-so-cute personalized address labels from Tiny Prints’ Holiday collection are the icing on the (birthday!) cake. I love that they introduce the plaid party vibe right from the start!

IMG_3076 copy

I can’t wait to pull this all together — and I don’t even like to camp! 😉  More soon!

Crew: 22 months


This month has been a busy one! Between my work schedule increasing a bit, participating in a weight loss challenge, your dad hooking us up with a new ride, and general fall/Halloween busy-ness, it feels like I blinked and it’s time to write another monthly post!


You love shoes and when Mimi treated to you to a (few!) new pairs, we may as well have given you toys — you were obsessed with trying them all on and kept saying “new shoes! wow!” You’re a carbon copy of BOTH your parents ha!

IMG_8545 copy

Now if you see me taking your picture, you’ll stop what you’re doing and say “cheeese” — not really smile ha, but you’ll say it — this must be something learned at school, I’ve never taught you that! To get a real smile in a picture on command, we’re much better off asking you to laugh, or as in this shot below, asking you to come get me — little stinker.


You love to dance, laugh, play hide and seek, sing (your own made up lyrics), “ride” on everything and anything that will support your weight, be outside, give hugs and kisses, and “snuh” (snuggle) in as many blankets as you can get your hands on. Total Linus. You’re obsessed with donuts, love bath time, still like to ride in the stroller (hallelujah!) and are enjoying a whole new view after we faced your carseat forward this month. You got the biggest, silliest grin on your face when you discovered the new ride has a DVD player…but I think it will be Mom and Dad who love it most though on some upcoming road trips for the holidays.


One of October’s adventures included a trip to the pumpkin patch. You weren’t too sure about the corn pool until I got in with you. The shot of you and Dad feeding the goats melts my heart. It’s too bad you guys don’t dig each other 😉

IMG_9406 IMG_9493

You’re kind of obsessed with pumpkins and point them out on everyone’s doorsteps, in the stores, and in the handful of books we’ve been reading lately. You have a couple minis that you tote everywhere around the house.


And speaking of Halloween…;)

I was convinced you’d be all in, or all out, but fortunately, you barely blinked as I put on your goggles and oxygen tank! 😉 You thought it was pretty awesome that Dad went as a shark. You lasted about three houses trick or treating, it was cold and dinnertime for you, so I’m glad we got out earlier in the day for a dress rehearsal to grab some shots.


It’s been a particularly fun month with you, our little scuba diver. I’m loving these days with you and while they are flying by, I’m keenly aware of how actively I’m trying to soak up the minutes and memories. It’s been a great way to lead into the holiday seasons and all the traditions we can better involve you in this year. Bring on November!