The Flex Room’s Half-Way Point

flex room progress |

The front living space we refer to as the “flex room” is gaining a little momentum!

flex room progress |

After falling hard for a green velvet sofa, things about this room’s look and feel began to click for me.

flex room progress |

The rug, wall art, sofa (obviously!), and curtains are all staying, but I see some more texture in here in the form of wood and/or metal (a round coffee table). and 1 or 2 chairs, lighter in appearance than the overstuffed white Kivik chair (which has yet to receive a new assignment somewhere else in the house!).

flex room progress |

I had to see the sofa in play under the windows to get a feel for what focal point (art?) might best work on the wall’s blank space. The hunt is on!

IMG_2220 copy

For now, I’m stroking the velvet sofa, soaking up all the natural light for which I love this room so much…and contemplating just how big an eye roll I’ll get when I suggest to my handier half that we do some built-ins on this north wall? 🙂

Fun progress, and more to come!


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  • Hi, I look the natural light in this room its so bright and fresh. The wall art is fab, where did you purchase?

  • Hi Emer,
    The frames are from Target and the set of prints I found on (they often take down listings after several days, then relist them again if they’re popular — so keep an eye out!) A quick search on etsy for “botanical prints” found me all sorts of options, as well.

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