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moved in: the patio

I promised myself I would “finish up” a couple spaces in our house, photograph them, and get them posted to the blog in the coming weeks. But first, it seemed fitting to do an update on the exterior, since it … Continue reading


Crew: 17 months

Another big month for you…you’re a walking, talking machine! Yes, you are finally an undisputed walker. In the first couple weeks of your sixteenth month, you went from tentatively taking a pass across the room here and there (and defaulting … Continue reading


Loft Playspace and Our Ikea Latt Hack

When I last posted about this loft landing between our three upstairs bedrooms and bath, it looked like this (see above). I was just starting to store some toys up here for a baby who was quickly becoming more active … Continue reading


Crew: 16 months

From the beginning, there’s been a correlation between you and the number FIVE. It was May 5th two years ago (5-5) when a test revealed two pink lines. You were born at 5:12 in the morning, on the fifth of January, … Continue reading


Bluum Subscription Box for Crew: A Review!

Crew has been treated to his fair share of Bluum boxes since he arrived (it’s how we discovered the only pacifier he loved – the Natursutten, which I talked about here!), and I’ve always loved the quality of the contents. Offered … Continue reading


Crew: 15 months!

Growing. Moving. Talking. Exhausting. Amazing.  That right there, could be the whole post. But nope, this month’s post is especially long, after last month’s was brief and light on pics. But you’re also just DOING so much new stuff this month…so … Continue reading