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My best friend is getting married in June (hooray) and my mom and I are planning a shower for her in May. She is a very classic bride – everything in her wedding will be Martha Stewart-esque and picture perfect. Her colors are blues and greens, her flowers hydrangeas. So when it came time to pick a scheme for her shower, I shied away from pink (her sisters threw a shower in this scheme already) and I stayed away from her blue/green scheme, thinking there will be plenty of that at the actual wedding. I settled on a color I have been drawn to quite a bit lately, and one that is maybe a bit more unexpected for Laura – orange! After looking at zillions of sites and blogs, I started to notice a common theme in the photos I was bookmarking. Above is my "inspiration board" for what I see happening. Picture lots of white, with punches of vibrant orange flowers, fresh squeezed mimosas, and an overall "Kate Spade" crisp, preppy, transitioning-to-summer feel. I am not a party planner by any stretch of the imagination, but this little soiree will be fun to put together!