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bedroom progress


Page has been in Lake Tahoe most of the week on his annual ski getaway…poor guy has no idea what he's coming home to. His little workshop in the garage is about to become décor central! I've had these wall-mounted votive holders circled in the CB2 catalog for quite some time now, but I would like a series of three, and just can't bring myself to spend nearly 200 bucks. Plus, they're no longer available. Honey, are you listening? I need you to make me something like this. πŸ™‚

A throw pillow in this color is proving VERY difficult to find. I relented on my "I will not sew" stubborn streak and took myself to two fabric stores…with no luck. If I DO find the right color, it's completely the wrong fabric, and if it's the right fabric, it doesn't come in the right color. I've searched online at fabric sites and countless retailers of throw pillows. I find things that are okay but for some of the prices I'm seeing, I better flippin' LOVE it! I hit my favorite fabric manufacturer, Amy Butler, and while the fabrics aren't quite the color I need, I am loving these glass vases (and the model's shirt!) in one of her catalog photos. Yes, Amy? I don't really want any of your fabric this time around…but can you tell me where to buy your catalog props? Thanks! πŸ™‚


restful retreat: part one

When Page and I were married almost three years ago, some of the very first things we purchased as "Mr. and Mrs." were a king size bed (the key to any happy marriage!) and this hotel-inspired bedding from Restoration Hardware. I still love this bedding as much as the day we bought it, which is a big deal for me (I change my mind all the time). It's clean, crisp, and for a first attempt at trying to pick bedding that works for a girl AND a GUY, I think this fits the bill. We have always loved hotels, and this became the inspiration for the look and feel of our master bedroom.

A year later, on a budget, we bought furniture from IKEA (it's our five year tide-us-over set for now) and kept the clean lines/modern look going. In photos the furniture always looks black – in reality, it's a very dark brown. Lamps, frames, drapes, a dark brown accent wall and a ceiling fan completed the room, for the time being.

My favorite thing in this room is a canvas that my mom painted as a wedding gift (see second photo above) that includes a decoupaged copy of our wedding invitation and a recreation of the monogram that I put on the front of our programs. I love, love, love this canvas, and at the time, she incorporated a meadow shade of green – a color that I originally told her I would work into the room. It was a "safe" color, gender-neutral….and BLAH. Finally this year, I came across a bedroom article that inspired me. The room featured lots of brown and white, and bedding almost identical to ours. It featured pops of a bright turquoise/aqua blue around the room, and I was instantly hooked. I didn't want the exact same blue – it was VERY blue for my taste, and maybe a little too girly – so I played around in that section of the color wheel and came up with a deeper, greener, teal/jade color, referred to by Benjamin Moore as "Albuquerque Teal".Turns out it is MUCH harder to find accessories in this color than its bluer counterpart, but I think the extra work will be worth it – the color just makes me so darn happy!


My friend, Natalie, is in the middle of a master bedroom redo right now as well, and is chronicling the changes on her blog. I love the way she has been building the suspense, showing "clues" as to the finished design in various posts. I've already given away much more than she has (I never could keep a secret!) but I am going to take a cue from her, and feature a couple "sneak peeks" here as progress is made.

With paint swatch in hand, my wonderful mother is painting out the previously light green square in the canvas with this sassier color…she is still in progress and I can't wait to see the finished product. As she said in a recent email, "It just sort of ends up having a life of its own. I never know for sure how it will end up". She brought up the idea of incorporating a big number "29" into the square – an idea I love. The number is not only our wedding date, but our lucky Vegas number as well. πŸ™‚ Here is a quick peek at what she emailed to me last night…makes me giddy with excitement!


Inspired to see how it was coming together, I hit TJMaxx on a whim last night, with a few spare minutes to kill before a yoga class. It was fate…this color is SO hard to find (everything is that blue turquoise color) and yet here was this frame in the exact color I'm after! It looks a little teal-ish in this photo, but it's a brilliant jade green in real life – almost identical to my paint swatch!


That's all I have for now…I don't have a deadline for this project, but I have a little checklist of to-dos to keep me on track. Stay tuned for the big reveal…and much better room photos the second time around! πŸ™‚

deck the halls!

Just before leaving for Thanksgiving, Page and I took an entire afternoon to deck our house for the holidays. It is so fun to come back from a long Thanksgiving weekend (with lots of driving!) to a house all ready for the Christmas season. I always stock up at Target the day AFTER Xmas when things are half off, so over the past few years, I have accumulated quite a collection of festive trimmings. I made a point to go through and let go of a few things I no longer needed, and limited myself to ONE little shopping trip for anything new, mainly ornaments. I change our "main" tree every year – last year it was all aqua blue with packages below wrapped to coordinate. Not too subtly, Page let me know he does not approve of blue Christmas things, and so we are back to a funky version of red and green this year – reds, lime and bright greens, with a little bright pink and white thrown in for good measure. The wrapped packages have begun to accumulate beneath the branches, so an updated photo is probably in order. It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas around here! πŸ™‚

Our main tree in the living room – this one needs to be replaced – we are still using the little 75 wonder I purchased in college on a tight budget!

Pager's office tree – it began with a lodge/ski theme, but quickly expanded to include the Starbucks, poker, and dirty martini ornaments that also reflect his tastes and hobbies πŸ™‚ It is through and through, a boy's tree.

My heart almost burst when I stopped in Crate and Barrel last month and found these yellow birdcage ornaments! I already had a bunch of black and silver ornaments, so I combined them all (with a Hawkeye ornament here and there) for my little office/scraproom tree. Makes me so happy!

Finally, our bedroom tree, lots of silver and copper to go with the touches of brown around our room. I have yet to add the 2009 frame ornament with this year's xmas photo. My goal is to eventually have an entire tree filled with only frames and photos.

And finally, a few more snapshots around the house…





Happy decorating in YOUR home!

creeping in.


It's true – all I needed were a couple more weeks of fall before I could start thinking about the holidays. Now that we are halfway through November, and the website launch is behind me, I can start to think Thanksgiving and Christmas. The holidays have indeed started to creep in around our house. A couple random bags of new holiday finds sit in the corner, and a new tree, still in the box, is resting in the corner of Pager's office. I officially let myself start shopping for the holidays while in KC this week for work. My one "play" item on the itinerary was a stop at Crate and Barrel (which expanded to include neighboring store, Z Gallerie – another fave!).

I kept it under control, but a handful or ornaments did make their way out to my car, including some really fun copper glitter ones for our bedroom tree, and three of the yellow birdcage ornaments (seen above) for my office tree (which, naturally, will be a black and yellow theme!). So it is official, my post-Halloween, "I'm not ready yet!" syndrome has subsided and I am once again pumped for the holiday season. Bring it on, Santa.

transition to fall.

I've been reading through some old posts and came upon my post from this time last year. It's funny how every year, the change in seasons catches me by surprise…even when I logically know it is on its way. It never ceases to amaze me the way the temperature suddenly dips a bit, the colors start to change, and the air smells different. I'm forever a summer gal, but wow, I do love this season that's upon us. I've been busy trying some new fall recipes, switching out our closets to make room for warmer clothing, and cozying up our house with some fall decorating.

And speaking of cozy…how adorable (and trés fall!) is this?! My boss, Julie, is an avid knitter, and a very talented one at that. I sent her a link to a "cozy" (not koozie!) I had seen online and told her, "You should make one of these!". Lucky me, she did…and gave it to me! πŸ™‚ My skinny vanilla latte is all set for the coming colder months!


Fall has arrived on Woodland Avenue. I gave myself a budget of 100 dollars (combined with things I already owned) and am proud to say I came in just under $75. It seems I get lucky at different stores each year when it comes time to buy seasonal decorations; this year it was Pier1 and Hobby Lobby.



I don't love these pumpkins…I bought them while still in college (I took on the task of decorating our 7-girl house senior year for EVERY holiday). I like the shape and size of them, but I would like a glitzier version. I was thinking I might try a coat of glittery/glossy clear paint. Any ideas?? 


Don't mind the cord in this shot. πŸ™‚ This is proof that decor is an ongoing thing…I can't make up my mind if I like the candy dish or the pillars better in this spot. Decisions, decisions.


I'm all about stretching the dollar where I can. Rather than buy some of the gorgeous (but expensive!) displays right out of the store window, I'm all about using things I already have, and adding something small to make the whole piece seem seasonal. Case in point – candles I've had + two dollars in berries = one of my favorite little fall pieces.


I am loving these little fall stones from Pier1. Some are the tradtional round marbles, others are shaped like little glass leaves.


Did I mention I was switching over the closets? I started on mine last night…what you see here isn't even all of the fall/winter stuff. Intervention needed? Quite possibly. Happy fall to all.


my black and gold haven.


Yes, it has been a while since I last posted. Things have been a little crazy around here. Between a sudden loss and a long weekend getaway to Galena for some R&R, blogging seems to have fallen by the wayside. The break has had its perks, however. I have been able to really dig in and commit these last few days to finishing up the guestroom/my creative space for scrapping and designing.

I started this project in July and was originally just going to do a couple of small updates and call it good within the week. The more I thought about it though, I realized I was settling and figured if I was going to "transform" my favorite space, I might as well do it right. So the budget expanded a tiny bit, and I learned to be patient as I shopped for just the right accessories, bedding, etc. I wanted to go with the edgy idea of yellow and black from the very beginning (thus the painted yellow wall the day we moved in) but I strayed from my favorite color when I had trouble finding items to match my color scheme and settled for a different palette. This time, I was determined to get it the way I wanted. I have a tendency to "just get it done already," so this new concept of patience was growth for me. πŸ™‚

From previous posts, you can see that I already had most of the furniture, the shelves and jars on the wall, and the recycled CD tower to house embellishments for scrapping. However, there was still a bit more to be done to get the finished product…

    1. Painted frame from white to black and hung Brian Andreas prints (I've had a couple of questions about these from previous mention – I will link the prints in a near-future post)

    2. Yellow placemat and m&ms for the smaller bookcase

    3. Finding NO yellow desk accessories out there, I bought a yellow planter to hold my pens, scissors, etc and found some yellow binders to hold inspiration clippings from mags

    4. New containers for the big shelf: yellow metal bins, black fabric cubes, and others

    5. Custom yellow/black tags to label it all

    6. New bed and all new bedding (still a rookie seamstress, I managed to turn a clearance queen duvet into a twin!)

    7. Fabulous under-bed storage for my MANY purses!

    8. Created a new valance starting from a basic black one, using leftover fabric and ribbon for embellishment

    9. New black bins for the desk shelves to hold my basic office supplies, found cute coasters on Etsy to match my color scheme and save my desk from rings

    10. Switched the desk lampshade out from previously pink to white

    11. After a disaster trying to paint my green trash can yellow, I settled on a new basic black one

    12. Repainted the previously green/white magazine holders (several coats of) yellow

And so, with a happy heart and a craving to get to work creating, I present what I am calling my black and gold (go hawks!) haven. 





IMG_6154     IMG_6157

Lots of labeling…




The yellow pillow that started it all! (Edited to add: Pillow from World Market)


Jars are a big thing for me. They're all over holding ribbons and embellishments for scrapping and gift wrapping.


Now this makes me happy. πŸ™‚ Yellow loveliness and organization all in one. I've managed to fit all scrapbooking supplies, a few Liz Ink & Paper items, and all of my gift wrapping paraphernalia in this 6'x6' Expedit shelf. I like that having a defined and absolute space forces me to keep my amounts of stuff in check. If I don't have room to store it, I don't buy it. Simple as that.

I love that this space is never really "done" – I already have my eye on a yellow (!) desk chair, and when we go to
Minneapolis in a few weeks, I'll see if the yellow version of these document boxes matches well enough. If so, a couple of these will need to come home with me to hold my 8×5 x 11 cardstock stash!

For now, I'm soaking up the color and getting inspired to create – exactly my goals when I set out to decorate this room. Thanks for checking it out! πŸ™‚

bedding bargains.

Bw bed  

So excited – This little lovely is on its way to my house right now!

I originally was going to "make do" with the green striped PB duvet I already had on hand for my scraproom/guestroom, especially since it went well with some green accents I already have in the room. After some more thought, I realized I really did want some black/white bedding to match the black furniture and accents, and showcase my yellow throw pillow and accent the yellow wall – I've realized I really want the room to be black and yellow (yes, Go Hawks!) with some small doses of green here and there to soften it a little.

I've been looking online at bedding for the last couple of months, knowing that I wanted a more modern design, and everything out there in black/white right now seems to be solids, or toille, or damask. Finally I stumbled across this and fell in love instantly! I had originally told myself I could only buy bedding if I could find an unusually good deal, which this was! 35.99 for both the duvet and shams on clearance? Yes, check, I will take it! Stay tuned, this room is slowly but surely coming together!