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ahhhh. at last.

It has been a VERY busy past couple of weeks. Painting, building, cleaning, packing, hauling, unpacking, shopping and organizing. Tonight we can FINALLY say that everything is unpacked, and everything has a place.

Zen has returned to my life. Ahhh.


We are not necessarily "done" (as you will see in the scrapbook room) – there are things I would like to eventually add and things that are already in the works. That's the fun part, though — home is continuously evolving. Although we joke about JUST how much bonding and "together" time we've had lately, Page and I both have really enjoyed working together in making this "our" place. We certainly stepped up the amount of work we did to the actual structure than in any place we've rented before. As you'll see, Page built shelving units into our garage ceiling, I painted several walls, and Page put in a ceiling fan in our bedroom, and swapped the existing light in place of the *nasty* florescent one in the kitchen. All things we'd never done before, and after originally thinking we'd only be here a year, we are seriously rethinking the time commitment! 🙂

Without further ado, I leave you with pics of the fruits of our labor the past two weeks:

{what you see when you come in the front door}

{kitchen…notice the recycled light fixture!}

{more kitchen}

{half bath off the kitchen}

{upstairs landing, looking out from the loft/page's office}

{looking over the loft into the living room}

{full bath upstairs, extra storage thanks to IKEA}

{looking into the scrapbook room from the hallway}

{in the next few weeks, we'll put a twin bed along this wall — note the cute yellow throw pillow waiting for a home — also have a third, larger Brian Andreas print that will go between the two smaller, all three along this wall}

{opposite side of the scrapbook room}

{coming up the stairs, looking into page's loft}

{walking into the master bedroom}




{the fab brown wall!}

{glorious shelving built by my hubby in the garage. without a basement I have NO idea where this stuff would have gone otherwise!}

{so now that we're all set up…come and visit us!}


Ahhh color. Love it, can't get enough of it.

Picking out colors for next week, when we can start moving into our townhouse. The entire place is a neutral khaki color, which is already SO much better than plain white (which we have now) but we want to add some pops of colors with a few accent walls. Neither of us is looking to spend the time or money to paint entire rooms since we're only renting, but we could justify doing a single wall in our bedroom, the guest room, and the loft.


So which color is going where? I'm hoping to post the "finished" photos after we get moved in next weekend. Contrary to what I told the landlord, I've never tried painting a wall before, so we will see how it goes! Stay tuned and happy Friday to all! 🙂

scrap room inspiration…

While fighting a nasty cold, I am curled up on the couch with my laptop, surfing through Flickr for craft room inspiration. T-minus 4 weeks until we move, and I can't wait to get set up in the guest room/scraproom! We had a queen bed we were going to put in there, but after some thought (and measuring) I like my mom's idea of only doing a twin bed to open up some more space. Half the time our guests are a "single" (my brother or Page's sister) and if we have more than one guest there is always the air mattress and couch. Sorry guests, I need my space! 🙂

Armed with this new more spacious plan, I'm onto room layout and possible wall colors. The whole townhouse was just painted a neutral taupey color throughout. It's a great living room color, but I'm going to want more color in the room I get crafty in. Just a few flickr and blog pics I've saved that are inspiring me tonight…








…and my new DREAM scrap SUITE (for when we win the lottery)…