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you’re gonna miss this.

LOVE this song.

So appropriate in our life right now and so many of the lyrics just hit me straight on. I’ve had this layout in my head for a while now…finally got it down on paper πŸ™‚


This is about as much of a scrap session as my back will allow atΒ  this point. I had to keep adjusting my “scrapping style” – I’d sit and work for a few minutes, then have to stand for a bit…then my back would start to give and I’d start the whole cycle over again. Just to get through one layout – sheesh!

#47. Scrapbook the wedding BEFORE first anniversary…check.


12×12 album was super easy – I used the same layout over and over again, swapping out pics and lines of paper – some of my favorite pages:


then with leftover pics that I couldn’t fit in the first album, I used the Elsie line to make a funky heart-shaped chipboard book…I didn’t take pics of all of this, just some of my fave pages:


…and one more… πŸ™‚



Life at age 24:

What I’ve been up to: Scrapbooking our wedding, exposing Page to the O.C. from the beginning on DVD (thanks to the writer’s strike, we are now digging into the DVD stash)

Current goals: Get to the gym on a daily basis, be more patient.

Last movie I saw: Juno. So good.

Plans for today: Work from home, hit TJ Maxx with Laura, make quesadillas for dinner, work out!

What I’m wearing: leggings and a casual dress, and my new Coach boots πŸ™‚

Last gift I received: bday gifts – canvases/paints/bath stuff/gift cards from Page, cute umbrella from Laura, tee and Target $ from Emily, wine from Megan

Recurrent thought of the day: It is so time for Spring to get here…

After a crazy 2007, I’m loving how predictable and “everyday” 2008 is shaping up to be. πŸ™‚

(new boots! see below!) πŸ™‚




first wedding photos!

Our photographer just emailed a few pics until the CD arrives tomorrow with everything! Love what I see so far… πŸ™‚  (Permission: Rachel Tabron, Tabron Photo, Cedar Rapids)






Hooray for pics! πŸ™‚