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the minimalist game: 30 days of purging

Recently, Page and I watched the documentary, Minimalism.  While of course, to be entertaining, the people featured are going to extremes (tiny houses, possessions that only fit in a backpack, etc) it still fired up the desire in me to … Continue reading

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Finishing the Basement: the play space

I definitely jinxed myself saying we’d have flooring in for the next post — nope, backordered, then backordered FURTHER, and the latest update is that the mill is now making a whole new run of our carpet, so yes…more waiting. … Continue reading

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less stuff. more organization.

(guest room closet before…) I’ve been on a mission to de-clutter our home. I think (??) it started with the flex room and wanting to sell the hutch that lived in there (thus needing to find a new spot for my photo supplies). Then … Continue reading

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organizing, baby!

The long and short of it is that a baby…equals way more stuff. While in some areas I go crazy (as in…ALL the adorable baby boy clothes!), there are other areas I was super minimalist when it came to buying … Continue reading

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Our wardrobe wall…put to use!

A while back, I posted about how Page built our bedroom wardrobes. Since then, we have been unpacking and filling them up, and at the same time, starting to switch over to warmer weather clothing, so a few moving pieces … Continue reading

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home sweet apartment!

Yesterday, I picked up the keys to our digs for the next eight months. I’d post more than one pic… but this is essentially all of it. One bedroom there in the back to the right, and a bath between … Continue reading

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