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what’s in a name?

It was a tough secret to keep, but it was the *one* thing we kept to ourselves throughout this pregnancy, waiting for our little man to arrive.


While I wish I could say we had some grand story behind it, it was simply the name we loved best, both masculine and preppy. For me, it conjures up images of an all-Americn boy, rowing crew at an ivy league school, perhaps in a bow tie. 🙂


We didn’t plan to have a name picked out when we headed to the hospital — we had a handful of favorites and were planning to see which best fit him when he arrived. But the more we talked about him and his pending arrival these past months, it became crystal clear that our son’s name be Crew.

(I can’t wait to share what we came up with for his birth announcement that plays on his name…coming soon!)


I don’t think any name could fit more perfectly. Love you to pieces, Crew-man!