heritage layouts

Dana and I both got some scrapping done in the hotel this week. I took a break from current stuff and went back to my heritage album – a constant work in progress because I’m always digging up new photos and stories. For now I’m just focusing on my side but eventually I’d like to take on the Smith side of the family as well. Keeping the layouts simple and not too trendy…see the pic of me as a kid in the wedding dress? That’s my grandma’s dress – seen in the wedding photo on the “Carol” layout!







grown up furniture

Page (Monday night, about 4 hours into furniture building): "Ten bucks says there's a blog post about this tomorrow."

You know it! 🙂 So excited to have bedroom furniture that doesn't look like it belongs in a dorm room, and that actually matches! No more college leftover hodge podge, woo hoo!

We had a fabulous weekend in Chicago, driving into Galena Fri night, then heading out early Saturday. We were able to hit every spot on our list: Ikea, Trader Joe's, Crate & Barrel, Container Store, H&M, California Pizza Kitchen, Potbelly's, and Z Gallerie! We got back to CR in time to celebrate Mom's birthday on Sunday, then headed back to Des Moines on Monday to begin the massive Ikea building session:




for some reason these pictures will NOT rotate right side up – and I'm giving up after ten minutes of trying…this is Mom getting all excited about her iPhone from Dad for her bday and blowing out her flip flop cupcake cake 🙂


our car, packed down with shopping souvenirs…




…and completion! 



Two dressers, two bedside tables and six hours later, Mr. Wonderful himself had these all put together – what a stud! I wanted to rearrange them and play around with the layout but these things are HEAVY and Page had definitely had his fill for the day haha. My favorite part was when I realized the lining in the drawers is a yellow stripe!


Hope your weekend was just as fun! Happy Tuesday!


mid-week catch-up


It’s starting to resemble a quilt – miraculous! Loving all the random colors and prints together – there’s no real rhyme or reason to how it’s laid out, I wanted it to be just crazy and fun. I am calling this my "happy quilt" and in my typical jump-with-both-feet style, I need more fabric, so I will be adding a fabric store run to my list of to-dos for the weekend.

Still haven’t watched my Tivo to see Idol from last night, but I hear that my boy Jason didn’t have such a hot night, and neither did Brooke, who’s also one of my faves. Anxious to hear how David Cook pulls off Andrew Lloyd Webber. I like him more every week now that he’s losing his cockiness factor.

Mr. Smith is super excited because he has a new set of golf clubs! I think this will help him "make it through" until ski season returns in only 8 short months! We’ve both been much better lately about eating healthy and working out on a regular basis – pool season here we come!


Preparations are in full swing for a BLOWOUT GARAGE SALE (seriously, it’s unreal the amount of stuff!) at my parents’ house in CR the last weekend in May. Minus furniture and bigger items we’re selling, the laundry room has become the garage sale staging area – this is just a small section of the mounds of stuff coming from our house. My parents have about 30 times as much, so I’m hoping 2 days of sale will be enough. As it gets closer, I’ll post times and the address for anyone who likes to garage sale shop in the CR area! I cleared out my closet big time in preparation for this sale and discovering I have nothing to wear, ended up at TJMaxx checking out the latest goods – very cute stuff right now – add it to your list of stores to hit! 🙂



And in more Smith family news, it’s official: Page is onto Hard while I am left in loser-ville aka the Medium level of Guitar Hero. I knew he wouldn’t be able to handle it for very long when I reached the same level he was on – we’re two firstborns and thus we are super-competitive. We both have to be the best. Sad…but true. Game on.

Looking forward to the weekend – only 2 more days! NO ONE would get remotely excited about what we’re doing Saturday, but I am ecstatic – we’re cleaning out our garage!! It’s disgusting from the winter and literally, when we moved in right before the wedding, things just got dumped and stacked in all corners. It got cold and we just never dealt with it. In other words, it’s a cleaning/organization project just waiting to happen –  I can hardly contain my excitement! Friends  are coming over Sat night to grill out and the rest of the weekend will be pretty mellow, which is totally fine by me. I wish the pool in our neighborhood would open – I would so be there! How many weeks ’til Memorial Day?


(cue Heavenly angel music…) It’s HERE!!!


Ahhhh! After over a month of longing and planning, my bad boy IKEA shelf is all set up! Page and I were both really impressed putting it together in person, it’s very stable and heavy – very un-Ikea like haha. When we move in October, it’s going to have to be our last move for a good while…this sucker is HEAVY! I had originally thought I’d be able to fit everything in this and have a cubby or two left for "room to grow" but as you can see, I had no trouble filling this whole thing up! I’m going to post this to 2 Peas for all the people who want the detailed rundown of how it’s all organized, but for here, I’ll keep it simple and just post pics. Thanks to Page for building this for me, and for being (almost!) as excited as I am about it! 🙂 I can’t believe I somehow had all this stuff stored on a bookcase less than half this size only a week ago!

Page and I split this room right now, but here is "my side", table with printer and shelves of little embellishments, my *DESK* is where I store all office supplies/work stuff, Page’s plant, Michelangelo, keeping me company and reminding me that Spring WILL come and things will grow again, and of course, The Shelf: (yes, I need some curtains…trying to decide if I care enough though to put any up before we move).


the "before" and "during" stages:


left side:

right side:

Happy Monday to all! 🙂


weekend of productivity…

Sometimes it’s nice to have a weekend ALL to yourself…Page is skiing this weekend and without Lulu or Emily around to hang with, I’ve been getting all kinds of stuff DONE! I think it’s that Spring Cleaning, too-cold-to-do-anything-else thing going on.

Exhibit A: The kitchen pantry, a.k.a. "the black hole".

Img_1843 Img_1844

and after…. (ahhh)

Now it’s on to the gym, the productivity continues. Hoping to get some painting done later tonight! Happy weekend! 🙂


#47. Scrapbook the wedding BEFORE first anniversary…check.


12×12 album was super easy – I used the same layout over and over again, swapping out pics and lines of paper – some of my favorite pages:


then with leftover pics that I couldn’t fit in the first album, I used the Elsie line to make a funky heart-shaped chipboard book…I didn’t take pics of all of this, just some of my fave pages:


…and one more… 🙂




Life at age 24:

What I’ve been up to: Scrapbooking our wedding, exposing Page to the O.C. from the beginning on DVD (thanks to the writer’s strike, we are now digging into the DVD stash)

Current goals: Get to the gym on a daily basis, be more patient.

Last movie I saw: Juno. So good.

Plans for today: Work from home, hit TJ Maxx with Laura, make quesadillas for dinner, work out!

What I’m wearing: leggings and a casual dress, and my new Coach boots 🙂

Last gift I received: bday gifts – canvases/paints/bath stuff/gift cards from Page, cute umbrella from Laura, tee and Target $ from Emily, wine from Megan

Recurrent thought of the day: It is so time for Spring to get here…

After a crazy 2007, I’m loving how predictable and “everyday” 2008 is shaping up to be. 🙂

(new boots! see below!) 🙂