Camp Crew (Crew’s Second Birthday Party)

Crew's Second Camping Birthday

We had so much fun celebrating our two-year-old Crew Man this weekend!

Crew's Second Camping Birthday

I’ll let the pictures do most of the talking, but between some painting with pinecones, scooping and dumping ingredients to make our own trail mix, chucking marshmallows into a bear’s mouth, and munching on hot dogs (and barbecue for the adults!), Camp Crew was a raging success thanks to his buddies who made the morning so much fun! I refrain from posting others’ kids (even my friends’ kids) here on the blog, but imagine lots of squeals and sugar-highs! :)

(Click on any photo to view it full-size!)

Crew's Second Camping Birthday

Crew's Second Camping Birthday

Every camper went home with a canteen and a bag of gear (a.k.a. flashlight, whistle  –pretty sure the parents hate me! — and adhesive glow stars…so even if they didn’t get to at the party, they can sleep under the stars!)

Crew's Second Camping Birthday

Crew's Second Camping Birthday Crew's Second Camping Birthday Crew's Second Camping Birthday

Crew's Second Camping Birthday

Crew's Second Camping Birthday Crew's Second Camping Birthday

Page built the A-frame tent and I used the Target bear as a muse to paint a piece of plywood for the marshmallow toss.

Crew's Second Camping Birthday Crew's Second Camping Birthday Crew's Second Camping Birthday | swanky shank shirt

Crew's Second Camping Birthday | pillowfort target bear

Crew's Second Camping Birthday pinecone painting

Crew's Second Camping Birthday pinecone painting

Crew's Second Camping Birthday

Crew's Second Camping Birthday Crew's Second Camping Birthday Crew's Second Camping Birthday Crew's Second Camping Birthday Crew's Second Camping Birthday Crew's Second Camping Birthday Crew's Second Camping Birthday Crew's Second Camping Birthday

Crew's Second Camping Birthday log cake

Biggest birthday wishes to our happy camper! #campcrew

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Crew is TWO!


And just like that, you’re two.


Our smart, silly, raised-eyebrows-and-mischeivously-grinning guy who loves to dance, hug, give kisses while grabbing both sides of our faces, LEAPS from his seat when he hears the garbage truck outside, and points to the floor telling us to “sit DOWN right HERE!” when you want us to play with you..has officially been on the planet and at the center of our world for two whole years.


This is the focused face that gets up close to my nose, then breaks into a grin and says “Hi!” first thing in the morning :) You are such a lover and have always been fiercely expressive about showing it. I hope that never changes!


And this is the cheeseball performer grin we get when you know he have an audience in the palm of your hand. I love that you’ve never been shy, thrive on the energy of people, and find joy in expressing yourself — talking, dancing, pretending, creating.


I’m relishing the days when all bad moods can be solved with a sucker, you love to nuzzle noses with us, and your sing song voice is rattling off every thought you have, all day long.


Your sentences are getting longer, and your thoughts string together more and more. The passion for diggers and garbage trucks is unwavering. You’ve become obsessed with the Minions, the only movie you will actually sit and watch for upwards of a half hour at a time before you get the wiggles.


You continue to be an amazing sleeper — 11 to 12 hours at night and a 3.5 hour nap most afternoons, but a typical toddler when it comes to eating. Some days we literally serve you the same thing at every meal, or multiple days in a row. Thankfully, you still love pouches of fruit and veggie purees, and you’re an avid milk drinker. Throw in a multivitamin and we’ll get through this picky stage!

You clocked in at just under 26 pounds and 34 inches tall at your two-year appointment. You handled your last immunization for a while like a champ and I did a little mom-beaming when everyone (doc, nurse, lab nurse and admin) ALL commented separately how brave and friendly and go-with-the-flow you are…coming from an office of professionals who see kids all day long (and probably a lot of meltdowns) this made me so proud of your laid-back temperament!


Your pacifier and security blanket are a package deal — if you want one, you want them both, NOW. It’s your only vice, and you’ve regressed a bit in terms of wanting them during the day, not just to go to bed. We’re trying to encourage that the paci just stays in the crib, but you aren’t a fan of that idea. We are picking our battles and after talking with a couple different peds, there doesn’t seem to be a huge reason to force the stopping of the habit. So we may just let it roll for now.

With two years under our belts now, we’ve learned that parenting is a series of screw-ups and forgiving yourself, coupled with pats on your own back for little successes here and there that the rest of the world would probably not even notice. It’s all a learning curve and changes by the week it seems and I’m thankful to your dad for being such a fantastic partner in all of this. Through it all, we couldn’t have asked for a sweeter soul to guide us through this adventure of being “mom” and “dad”. We love you Crew Man, and are so, SO excited to embark on your third year. It’s going to be a fun one!

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home for the holidays (part 4)

IMG_4208 copy

I’m so grateful we got a headstart on the decorations this year, got our baking done a couple weeks ago, and thanks to good old Amazon Prime, our gifts arrived in plenty of time to wrap, leaving the last couple nights to soak up the anticipation of the holiday.

IMG_4209 copy

The gifts moved to their rightful place under the tree, and the advent calendar hung empty.

IMG_4210 copy

Our wreath was filled with family and friends’ faces.

IMG_4215 copy

Crew was enjoying playing with a couple new (early) gifts from friends.

IMG_4220 copy IMG_4222 copy IMG_4223 copy

I loved just walking around the house the last couple days, taking note of all the little Crew infusions that make up Christmas for us this year.

IMG_4230 copy

Per our tradition, a freshly-bathed Crew came down to admire the tree one final time in his jammies, and I grabbed a couple (more mobile this year!) shots.

IMG_4245 copy IMG_4252 copy IMG_4258 copy

Off to bed he went, so Santa could come…

IMG_4267 copy

I won’t rub it in, but one of our best gifts is the ongoing gift of a child who (somewhat) sleeps in. Around 8am, our buddy came down to start Christmas!

IMG_4270 copy

IMG_4276 copy

Shortly after this, I put my camera down the rest of the day, to just enjoy and partake. With no real present-unwrapping since his birthday (almost) a year ago, it took a few gifts to understand the concept of opening, but as he gained momentum, the squeals and “oh my gosh!” chants became more intense and the paper-ripping skills improved 😉

IMG_4279 copy IMG_4292 copy

Today we’re enjoying a still-in-our-jammies day at home, running loads through the dishwasher, unboxing and building a couple of our gifts, and packing some of the decorations away. It’s calm and content, and kind of amazing to have such an entertained little guy while we play with our own new stuff!

Merry Christmas to you and yours. Wishing you safe travels home if you’re headed that way, peaceful and content last days in 2016, and an oh-so-happy new year. 

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merry everything | 2016

Wishing you a very merry everything — Page, Liz, & Crew

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home for the holidays (part 3)

hot cocoa station |

Today I wanted to document the rest of our decor for the holiday season. I have some traditions and photos and little details of things I want to share and remember as well, but I’ll save that for another post. (I purposely didn’t call these “3 of 4” or anything, because I never know how overly ambitious — or lazy — I may end up getting, but I’m hoping to put together at least one more post this month!)

IMG_3869 copy

One of the additions I made this year were these two potted pre-lits for the front patio. The pots they came in were a womp-womp flat antiquey gold, so I shined them up with some copper spray paint to coordinate with our exterior light fixtures and accent roof. I feel like it made a huge difference, and I’m always for more shine than less. I love the extra glow they bring to the front of the house at night.

IMG_3899 copy

IMG_3870 copy

(Note to self — consider less noticeable white cords for next year!) But I digress. Please, come in! :)

IMG_3867 copy

IMG_3873 copy

IMG_3872 copy

I’ve had several of what I call the “slinky” silver sequined trees from Target, for a few years now. I love how easy they are to store flat and pop open onto stands. I didn’t get them out last year, but love having most of them on the credenza in our entryway, along with a white IKEA star lamp I’m thinking needs to just stay out all year. It worked perfectly with the big gold star (last year, Target) hanging from fishing line in the ceiling.

IMG_3824 copy

The flex room’s permanent plan is still a work in progress (goal for 2017 — focus on this room!), but for this season, it’s a play space and window light-filled spot to curl up with our Christmas reads.

IMG_3828 copy

IMG_3830 copy

We sold the HUGE tree that took over this room last year, and scaled down a couple feet (both in height and diameter!) for something we could incorporate into our main living room.

IMG_3840 copy

I was feeling more neutrals this year, so instead of picking a color scheme, it stayed to copper, silver, and white. I had to double-count when I realized we incorporated our tenth (!) Crate&Barrel frame ornament this year.

IMG_3809 copy

IMG_3813 copy

Tree1 copy

IMG_3878 copy

IMG_3844 copy

IMG_3843 copy

This is only our second Christmas in this home, and I feel like I’m still getting a grip on not just how to decorate it for the holidays. Not everything from our previous house works here, and style and taste evolves, and of course new merchandise hits the market. I am really liking combining some more rustic/lodgey type of Christmas pieces with just as many shiny elements this year. I don’t like to lean too bling or too log cabin — the balance this year feels just right, and none of it is too precious that it can’t survive a toddler. (Case in point…those adorable melamine dishes just waiting for Santa’s cookies and milk!)

IMG_3823 copy

IMG_3817 copy

IMG_3816 copy

IMG_3343 copy

I do love to set the table, and in years past, it’s been so fun to create a full-out holiday tablescape. But this year, who am I kidding, it gets in the way of our everyday meals, and frankly, takes up prime lego-building real estate.

IMG_3846 copy

IMG_3849 copy

So I kept it simple (and edible, should you need a snack) with some faux pinecone garland, interspersed with some clementines for a little kitchen-flavored pop of color.

IMG_3847 copy

IMG_3858 copy

In the kitchen, I stashed some pre-lit boxwood garland on timers above the cabinets. My favorite partridge in a pear tree plate and some simple berries in a vase sit on the counter. Of course, the lights on the garland hadn’t clicked on yet mid-day and I was too lazy to climb up there yet again, so one will just have to imagine. :)

IMG_3806 copy

IMG_3900 copy

For the first year, we hired someone to hang our outdoor lights and we were thrilled with the result. Neither of us was about to climb up and reach those highest peaks, ourselves.

It’s pretty crazy that it’s mid-December and there still isn’t a decent covering of snow — I’ll have to capture this again when it looks more like the typical Iowa wintery scene.

IMG_3895 copy

From our home to yours, Merry Christmas (and happy decorating!).

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Crew: 23 months

IMG_3284 copy

It’s your last month as a one-year-old and you haven’t slowed down a bit! Here’s what you’ve been up to the better part of November.

IMG_3309 copy

IMG_3237 copy

You are definitely working on some molars, which has resulted in some extra-picky eating (nothing you have to chew too much) and lots of whiney, clingy meltdowns as you get more tired throughout the day. The ibuprofen is flowing here, for sure. Your earlier teeth never seemed to bother you much, or we’d notice for maybe a day, but this has been a solid week or so of you being uncomfortable. Poor guy!

IMG_3195 copy

IMG_3147 copy

You won’t have an official weigh-in until your two-year appointment, but you recently climbed on our bathroom scale to the tune of about 26 pounds. You’re in size 7 shoes, 18-24 month bottoms and mostly 2T tops (short legs, long torso!). You are becoming more and more aware of, and vocal about, your – ahem – bodily functions. We are in no rush to potty train but after your birthday, we may give it a test-run. You willingly sit on the potty at school and are definitely interested. You also love to announce your burps and toots — even though they’re loud enough we usually hear them anyway. 😉

IMG_3128 copy

You spent a day with Papa and Mimi at their house so we could go to what became THE Iowa game of the season. It was the first time someone else had put you to bed somewhere other than home, and I honestly wasn’t sure how it would go (more out of stress for them, not you!) but now that we know you can totally handle it, we’re dreaming of destinations for a trip away just us…no offense. 😉 It’s so interesting to see how something that made you nervous even a couple months ago (going to sleep somewhere out of the norm, even with us there) can be a totally different experience with just a few more weeks of growth.

IMG_2994 copy

IMG_3032 copy

You’re obsessed with the moon. You have one in your room on the wall that you love to click on and off, but it’s no substitute for the real deal, which thanks to Daylight Savings, we can now spot at the end of the day when I pick you up from school, and every night before bed. We read Papa, Please Get the Moon for Me at LEAST once a day. You’ve stopped calling it a “moon ball” and out of nowhere started saying “full moon”. Not sure if this came from the book or talking about it at school?

You love, love, love to be a helper. Taking things to the trash, helping me cook, carrying laundry to the hamper — you are down for any task. At what age do kids suddenly view things as chores? Because I’m really liking this enthusiastic help, most of the time. :) You’re also an epic backseat driver…“Mama — big truck comin’…oh! red light! ope! green light — go!” You particularly loved getting to help when Dad brought home a first Lego project for the two of you to build…and I’m so impressed with how carefully you’ve played with the finished product…for half-hour blocks at a time! #dadwin


It hasn’t FELT like the holidays are approaching (it’s been so warm!) but that hasn’t stopped us from talking about snow and Christmas trees and Santa. We got out the Christmas books from last year and it’s been fun to have some fresh content to read! Your vocab is expanding all the time, and it’s been fun to add some seasonal words and meaning. It’s amazing to me how little minds can hear a word or phrase just once or twice and it sticks. Just the other day, your frustrated mom said “Come ON!” in the car to the traffic, and when we got home, you proceeded to recite my phrase over and over…for Dad. Cue the start of me watching what I say around you. :)


You are getting your manners straight, using “please”, “thank you”, and “excuse me” in the right situations, when prompted, and sometimes without. You also say “uh oh, sorry” more to yourself than anyone when you drop something. Your sentences are getting longer all the time — I can think of several things you have said that are at least 4-5 words strung together (and that make sense!). The other night when we were talking about a babysitter coming over, you said in sequence, “Rachael comin? Mama go bye bye? No mom bye bye.” Your train of thought is getting easier to follow all the time.

And so we begin the Christmas season with you. I have lists of things big and small I want to do with you at this magical innocent age that seems to be just a blip on the radar before it’s gone. I’m glad we decorated early because it leaves the whole month to just relax and soak up the experiences with you. Soooo looking forward to this!


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