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pink blush


I was funny about buying anything for baby before we had our first doctor’s appointment, but when it came to myself, I was all about hitting “add to cart” on some bump-friendly items for me.

It was nice to take advantage of some fall/winter clearance still around in May, knowing that by fall, I’d be plenty ready for some roomier, long sleeved things. And with our trip to Florida in late September in mind, I’m keeping an eye on summer deals, now. I am ALL about not spending a fortune on maternity clothes. Obviously, the time frame to wear them is short, and let’s be real, they just aren’t as exciting as regular clothes!



I know I’ll grow into (and then perhaps out of!) the first batch of items I’ve stashed in my closet, but to begin, I wanted a set of mega basics, with which I can mix in as much as possible with accessories and non-maternity items I already own. I’m fortunate to work in a casual office, so other than an option for the occasional corporate office visit, I’m happily sticking to comfy casual for the coming months.

Burrito Belly | 14 weeks

14 Weeks…a.k.a. “Burrito Belly”

EXISTING closet — Here’s what I’m hoping will help carry me through the early months of “burrito belly”:

  • Leggings/cropped leggings 
  • Linen roll-waist pants — I found these non-maternity gems at Old Navy and bought in three colors to get me through summer!
  • Empire waist dresses and tunics
  • Tunic length tanks and tops
  • Maxi dresses
  • Maxi skirts
  • Stretchy workout clothes
  • The famous belly bands in black and white (Target BeBand) for extending the timeline during which I can keep wearing my regular pants

PURCHASED — Here’s what’s on tap for later on:

  • Long tanks for layering (a variety of colors) – love the PureBody from Gap Maternity, as well as from H&M Mama
  • Denim button down (Gap Maternity)
  • Grey and black leggings (Liz Lange for Target and Gap Maternity)
  • 3/4 sleeve knit grey dress (Liz Lange for Target)
  • V-neck tees in various sleeve lengths/colors (Old Navy Maternity)
  • Black jersey 3/4 sleeve dress (Gap Maternity)
  • This dress and this one (Pink Blush) for some upcoming dressier events



And in related news, one of my very favorite bloggers, who is a few weeks further along than me, has started a series called “Dressing the Bump” — LOVE her tips and resources for both cute maternity items and things that help bridge the gap from your normal wardrobe!

Oscar 2014!

oscar party 2014 | lifeinyellow.com

Another Oscar Party is in the books! It is so fun to host this little get-together, each year with a different group of girls (someday, I’m hoping to get all different friends who don’t know each other together for this, but until space allows…it’s on a bit of a rotation!)

oscar party 2014 | lifeinyellow.com

This year’s scheme was Pantone’s color of the year, Radiant Orchid, with some black and white striped details, and (of course!) dashes of “Oscar gold”.

oscar party 2014 | lifeinyellow.com

The theme for the evening was “Sweats encouraged, fabulousness required.” 🙂 It was a relaxing evening spent curled up in yoga pants and blankets, sipping and munching, and chatting away about who wore what (my favorite of the evening was Lupita’s blue Prada!) and which movie should win (I think Wolf of Wall Street was robbed).


Ballots were filled out, and bingo was taken pretty seriously (!)…

oscar party 2014 | lifeinyellow.com

And cupcakes, cocktails, and snacks were on hand. (They didn’t make the photo cut, but tortellini skewers with various dipping sauces will be one of my new go-to food items – so easy and yummy even after they’ve cooled.)

oscar party 2014 | lifeinyellow.com

oscar party 2014 | lifeinyellow.com

And as always, the paparazzi lurked nearby along the red carpet…

oscar party 2014 | lifeinyellow.com

Cheers to a fabulous awards season!

Looking for more Oscar inspiration? You can find previous parties via the links for 2013, 2012, and 2011!

obsession: the dry bar detangling brush


I’m not sure exactly when it happened, but somewhere along the path to adulthood, my hair turned SUPER soft and super fine. I have a lot of it, fortunately, but trying to get it to do anything but hang limp, and especially detangling it, is a daily occurrence that I dread.

Until now!

Obviously, I added this to my basket because of the color. Seriously. But I also love the DryBar products and was excited at the thought that I finally might have a tool with which to detangle my hair post-shower without screaming bloody murder. This baby didn’t let me down!

No, I’m not being paid or perked to talk about it – I’m just THAT happy with this recent beauty purchase. Minimal snagging, even after a day of super-teased styling. Seriously, my life is a little bit better because of this bad boy!

Fine-haired ladies, unite! And check it out here. (Image from sephora.com)

louboutins for christmas.

christian louboutin | lifeinyellow.com

Damn right I had a photo shoot with these bad boys.

christian louboutin | lifeinyellow.com

For more than five years I’ve pined away after a pair of these red-soled beauties. I told myself and anyone who cared to listen that they could be my “welcome to your thirties!” gift come January 2014 or soon after…

christian louboutin | lifeinyellow.com

…but it turns out Santa has a special elf connection in our household. I was shocked to the point of tears to unwrap these and even more moved by the sentiment as to why I deserved them early. (Apparently girls who worked really hard in 2013 get stocking stuffers from Italy — hey, no arguments here!)

christian louboutin | lifeinyellow.com

They are definitely sitting down shoes. 🙂 But I’m in love just the same.

christian louboutin | lifeinyellow.com

Hope your day was full of merry surprises and joy.

mothers know everything.

I spent the weekend at my parents’ while Page was out of town. For only being a couple hours down the road, this happens much too infrequently. But when I do get to catch up in person, there’s always a plethora of inspiration I get to take away from our visits. I come home with a new excitement to decorate, to put together outfits, and in the case of this visit, to try some new beauty products.

It’s one of the many reasons we need other women in our lives – to share favorite things and make recommendations. 🙂 Here are a few of the goodies I’ll be adding to my cart from my mom’s stash of makeup marvels…

(And ignore my super-chipped nails…proof positive we HAVE been making basement progress again!)

photo (2)


Urban Decay Naked Basics.  I have a handful of favorite (individual) shadows of various brands, but I like the compactness of having all the basics in one spot, plus they’re matte and not shimmery – which I highly prefer for daytime.

photo (1)


Obagi-C Vitamin C Serum.  Ah, to be approaching thirty. I’ve noticed a couple of spots on my face and neck I’d like to fade. Sounds like this stuff will do the trick!

photo (3)


GlamGlow mud mask.  I LOVE a good facial mask, and as much as I love my Bliss Steep Clean for purifying, I do miss that feeling of mud. This one smells like licorice and is really dark in color…Mom knows best; use a dark washcloth you don’t care about for removing it!



It’s not so much a product, but I loved her idea of using a pretty mirrored toothbrush holder to store makeup brushes. I’ve always stored mine “Sephora style” in a clear vase of little glass stones, but I may have to re-think this…especially when super fun glam options are available like the holder in this set from Z Gallerie.

Anyone else have a product (or many?) you’re in love with? I may have to do a faves post again soon – it’s been a while and there are so many great products to try!

birchbox reviews

As a follow up to yesterday’s beauty-ful post from guest blogger, Brittany, I wanted to keep the hair+makeup theme going a bit longer!

Several months back, I heard of the beauty sample subscription company, Birchbox. I’m not sure why I didn’t immediately sign up – I LOVE makeup and hair products, and who doesn’t love to get mail? For some odd reason, I decided to pass, until the holiday time, when I stumbled on back to back days of some fellow bloggers remarking on how much they love theirs.

So I signed up. And then I waited. (Yep, there’s a wait list to officially register – in my case, it was about five weeks.)

birchbox | life in yellow

And on the day I finally got my invite, my husband, not one to be left out of a good party, signed up for Birchbox Man. He, too, got wait listed (about two weeks), but in both cases, we decided it was well worth the wait.

birchbox man | life in yellow

The women’s subscription includes a handful of sample size products and, with free shipping, is $10 per month. I read that there were some freak issues this month on the womens’ side, with unforeseen inventory issues, and a snowstorm slowing delivery, but nonetheless I was plenty pleased with what my ten bucks nabbed me, even if some of it was “filler” in lieu of the originally planned contents. Here’s a peek…

whats inside birchbox | life in yellow

Aside from a Ghiradelli chocolate (score), there was a sample of Dr. Jart beauty balm that I loved instantly when I put it on.

beauty balm | life in yellow

Sometimes BB creams have a strange smell (at least to me) but this one is very pleasant, and not too thick or color-intense for my fair skin.

emerald polish | life in yellow

My favorite item this go-round was the Color Club polish in “Wild Cactus” – a nod to Pantone’s color of the year, emerald green.

The leave-in conditioner I was wary of, with my already fine, easily greasified, hair. But keeping it to a couple light sprays, I really liked the smell and the detangling benefit, and I noticed less static than normal in my super-dry house and office the rest of the day. The final item was not new to me at all – a sample of Juicy Couture’s Viva La Juicy. I have a full size bottle of this fragrance, but a sample is never a bad thing to have – I’m sure I’ll stow it at my office or in my car.

birchbox man contents | life in yellow

As for Page’s subscription, he definitely scored with his first box. The Birchbox Man subscription runs $20 a month, but you definitely get more with this one, in comparison. His “goods” included a sample of Victorinox cologne (smells a lot like the original green Polo fragrance – but a little pine-ish for my liking). There was definitely an alcohol theme to this box, between two leather coasters that have already set up shop in his office, a cool wood grain beer bottle koozie, and a funky bottle opener that looks like a woodshop project – the nail removes the lid and a built in magnet “grabs” the cap before you can drop it. Page keeps a beard, so he doesn’t often need shaving products, but we both loved the scent of the Go247 shave cream.

paste styler | life in yellow

Aside from the bottle opener, one of his favorite items in the box was the Towel Dry paste styler. Typically, he uses the Aveda pure-formance clay, and this seems to be a similar consistency and not as sticky as some others he’s tried and tossed. Great for a guy with slightly longer hair that needs some light, no-fuss hold to stay styled.

So there you have it! The officially unofficial review of our Birchbox boxes! (Did I mention we are also chalking these up to some great research for a new client we’re freelancing with? When the time is right, I can’t wait to share more!)

Anyone else a Birchbox subscriber? What do you think of it??