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…and the Adamo Design winner is…

Adamo Frame Giveaway | www.lifeinyellow.com


Thank you all for playing along in the Adamo frame giveaway! Comments were organized in order of posting date/time, and the random number generator determined that…


…comment number 33 is the winner! Congrats to Katie Bauder — Tara will be contacting you shortly to arrange delivery of your beautiful prize!


***Don’t forget! You still have until tomorrow (Nov 1st!) to order your own Adamo frame with a 10% discount when you mention Life In Yellow!*** Happy decorating! 🙂

Adamo Design Handmade Frame Giveaway!

Adamo Frame Giveaway | www.lifeinyellow.com

I’ll give you a second to just ooh and ahh…aren’t these frames the coolest?!

Adamo Frame Giveaway | www.lifeinyellow.com

I first saw these in another home and couldn’t stop drooling over them. To begin with, they’re HUGE and not just a typical 11×14 frame you’d find at most home goods stores. They’re handmade and the detail is so meticulous – even if you left them empty of photographs, they are already works of art on their own!

I have been following the maker of these gorgeous frames (they make amazing signs, too!) on Instagram, and had been mentally creating an order to place once we’re moved into the new house. Then, magically, Tara — one-half of the dynamic duo who creates these beauties — emailed, wanting to work together!

(Insert happy dance, here!)

Based in Ankeny, Iowa, Tara’s hubby, Matt, builds these awesome pieces and Tara works her magic on them with brushes, stencils, brads and more. Custom colors are available, and they come in a variety of sizes. And the amazing news?! She’s giving away one of her popular 24 x 27 sizes in “Graphite” (holds an 11 x 14 photo) with brad embellishments, shown here below (and yes that’s my phone next to it to show you just how big and beautiful these pieces are!).

Adamo Frame Giveaway | www.lifeinyellow.com

Want a chance to put this stunner in your own home?? Here’s how to play!

Step 1.
Visit Adamo Design on Instagram or Facebook (or both!) to see more Adamo art. (You’ll want to follow/become a fan while you’re there…Tara will be hosting a second giveaway on Instagram and Facebook very soon!)

Step 2.
Leave a comment below, and mention either your favorite piece or a color/pattern you’d love to see made. Be sure to include your email so we can contact you if you’re the lucky winner! (Psst…if you don’t see your comment appear immediately, it’s all good — sometimes the spam filter requires me to manually approve, and they will show up shortly!)

One winner will receive the above pictured Graphite frame with brads and 11×14 opening. Free shipping (U.S. only) is included. Contest begins 9am CST on Monday, October 27, 2014 and closes at 4pm CST on Friday, October 31, 2014. Winner will be drawn from comments using random number generator, courtesy of random.org. Winner will be notified directly. Retail value: $100.00

Can’t wait to get your hands on a frame or sign? Between now and November 1, 2014, receive 10% off when you mention this blog post — a great way to get started on your holiday gift shopping (for others or…ya know, just you!). 🙂

Stay tuned for a GIVEAWAY!

Adamo Design Frame Giveaway | www.lifeinyellow.com

Long before I met the friendly face behind these frame creations, I saw them in another home and fell. in. love. with the work! Each of these beautiful, awesomely oversized, handmade wooden frames are obviously created with great care and they make for an amazing statement piece in a home to feature a favorite photograph. I was thrilled when Tara of Adamo Design reached out to work together!

Stay tuned for details next week on how you can win one of her beautiful frames…and in the meantime, follow her on Facebook and Instagram to see more of her work…plus, she’ll be hosting a second giveaway on IG as well so you’ll want to stay in the loop!

it’s gender reveal day! (free printable)

gender reveal free printable

I designed this little handout for tonight when we get the grandparents together for our gender reveal, and it was a fun way to let everyone cast their “educated” guesses, based on the results of some old wives’ tales!

For your reference:

  • more morning sickness versus less = GIRL
  • conceiving ON your ovulation date (not before) = GIRL
  • salty cravings = BOY, sweet cravings = GIRL
  • baby’s heart rate is OVER 140bpm = GIRL
  • Mom’s skin getting worse (breakouts, oily) = GIRL
  • a dangled wedding ring going in a circular motion = GIRL; back and forth = BOY
  • check the Chinese gender chart to learn GIRL/BOY prediction

I made a generic version without our details included, so you can print for your own purposes — simply check the boxes according to which way each tale points, and let guests cast their votes at the bottom. Happy guessing… and revealing! 🙂

Click the link below to access the PDF and print away to your heart’s content!


moving checklist (free printable!)


As promised — coming at you today with a moving checklist! I know there are several floating around in cyberworld, but I found myself needing one that applied to those who have to move TWICE — both to temporary housing and a storage unit, and then again in a few months. So I included some line items (if applicable) for anyone else in the same boat.

moving checklist | lifeinyellow.com


Click the link above (or hover on it, right click, and save) to download a copy to your computer.

Happy packing!

***Pst! You can snag other free printables from Life In Yellow:
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building the bar

building our bar | lifeinyellow.com

You’ve probably caught wind of my excitement by now that basement progress has resumed in the past few weeks, finished just in time for a party this past weekend. There are a couple last details being finished up now, but pics of the whole reveal are soon to come. For today, I’m excited to show our completed BAR!

I’ve been trying to keep the basement series of posts to only a handful, so that each post shows some real progress and not each of the fifty (million) tiny steps it has really taken to get to its current state. But while I mentioned putting together our bar in the last “Basement Diaries” post, I thought this area warranted its own post as to how we went about DIY-ing it.

We started with standard-sized unfinished cabinets from Lowe’s. Armed with the dimensions of the various pieces available, I used Illustrator to lay out options until I had a configuration that I liked and that would fit the corner we had deemed bar-space. (Note: we added spacers between the top/wall cabinets so that their total width would perfectly match the width of the floor/bottom cabinets — you can pick these spacers up in the same aisle where you’d find cabinets in the hardware store.)

Once the cabinets were delivered, I applied a coat of Sherwin Williams wood and wall primer. (I purposely wanted a little wood grain to show through, but to avoid this, I would have applied a second or even third coat of primer.)  Already knowing I wanted to do them in a dark grey, I attempted to do a little thrifty recycling and reopened the leftover paint from Page’s office (Valspar’s “Storm” from Lowe’s). Two coats of “Storm”, and two coats of polyacrylic sealer later, the painting portion of the program was done just in time to break for the holidays and some carpet installation.

cabinets painted Valspar Storm

As for the sink base cabinet, they didn’t make one in the width we needed (only wider or narrower) so we bought a regular base cabinet and I simply removed the actual drawers and railings, adhering the drawer front only back onto the front of the cabinet as a facade. This left room inside to drop a sink in, later.

drawer fronts

I ordered our hardware and with Page’s help to drill the holes (I am SO not a careful measurer!) I wrapped up this step by attaching all the pieces to the doors and drawer fronts.

cabinet hardware

Meanwhile, it was time for the counter. We had weighed options like a remnant piece of granite or a piece of stainless steel. In the end, this was a place where we could cut back on cost and still love the result so we went with a thriftier option (this cost us less than 100 Washingtons!) that was a little more one-of-a-kind. Following a plethora of Pinterest tutorials, I put together a plan to make a stained, plank-style countertop. While this was, in theory, part of the basement plan that I thought I could do myself, I did need a little help intervention when it came to cutting down the planks to the exact length we needed.

Countertop Cutting

We took two 11-inch-wide pieces of pine and cut them to the exact length we needed (in our case, 70″). To get the depth right, we added an additional 2×4 strip in the back. We lined them up and traced around where our sink would go and Page cut each of the boards along the sink lines with a jigsaw.

sink hole cutting

I gave each piece a good sanding and glued them together using Liquid Nails then used vices to clamp them tightly together while they dried.

glue drying overnight

We let them dry for a full 24 hours before I filled in the seams with stainable wood filler, which I left on for several hours before sanding the whole counter smooth. We set the counter on top of the bar to ensure everything fit properly before I began staining. (Note: the counter is pulled away from the wall in the shot below, there is not really that much over-hang.)

counter unstained

I have stained a couple things before but had never heard to use wood conditioner first. It definitely made my coats of stain go on more smoothly! You can see the deep color that came through in the very first coat…I was so happy with the color! (Yep, cleaning gloves = staining gloves.)

staining countertop

Two thick coats of dark wood stain (left on about 15 mins each time to further deepen the color before wiping away the excess), three sealing coats of polyacrylic spray, and a final 24 hours to fully dry, rounded out the finish for the countertop.

counter dry time

(You all know what happened next…Pager tore his ACL on a ski trip and doing any work down here was physically out of the question for several weeks as he underwent and recovered from surgery. We could have hired some help but we were SO close to being done and knew just what we wanted and as impatient as I can be, the truth is we were in no rush. So fast forward through some calendar pages….)

In early June, our super-helpful friend, Chris, came over to help hang the upper cabinets (we swapped services as I helped his wife plan a baby shower…but we definitely got the sweet end of that deal!). Here’s the pic the guys texted us once the three pieces (and the spacer pieces in between each cabinet) were up on the wall. It was so exciting to see something new down there after such a long break. Tools + Beer = Successful Install.

wall cabinets

Following this picture, the end cap pieces I had painted were adhered with construction adhesive and I added some bumpers (similar to these) to the insides of the doors/drawers so they wouldn’t slam when closed. The plumbing was hooked up and the sink/faucet added, but not before Page discovered the standard sink clips that came with the install kit weren’t big enough for our extra-thick counter top. (Good to know if you plan to create a similar type of counter — the ones we needed had to be special-ordered.)

We added a beverage fridge among the bottom cabinets (thanks, Amex points!) and hooked up our counter top wine cooler (thanks, Mom & Dad!). We relocated the wine glass racks I originally added to the red hutch (that’s now in our guest room, where we HOPE wine glass racks aren’t needed), and installed them under the center cabinet. After adding some trim to the tops of the cabinet (made a big difference in helping them look “finished”), our only future item is to look at some under-cabinet lighting options to go under the two longer/lower cabinets.

building our bar | lifeinyellow.com

building our bar | lifeinyellow.com

It was an all-out, one-person party filling up the cabinets and drawers with lots of entertaining goodies. Voila – our DIY bar! Celebratory completion martini, anyone?


And as a special “share the love, we’re celebrating!” type of thing, feel free to print your own Dom Perignon quote for yourself! You can use the settings in your printer to create it as a full page (roughly 8″ x 8″)  or scale it down to fit a smaller frame (like mine, which is 4″ x 4″).

Dom Perignon quote: Free printable | lifeinyellow.com

To download, simply click or hover/right click over the words below:


Back soon with the rest of the tour…

building our bar | lifeinyellow.com

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December Wallpaper – Free Download

Between basement craziness, the holidays, and this darn cold that won’t leave me alone, I’m behind on posting this! Thanks for your patience and for the reminders! 😉 It’s so good to know people are using these!! Thanks again and enjoy!

Click the images below to see them full-size, then right-click and save (PC) or drag to your desktop (Mac) to download to your device. On your iPhone, press and hold on the image until you are asked if you want to “save image” to your photos.

For computer:

For iPad:

For iPhone: