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38 weeks: the final countdown!

38 weeks

“Papa Rosie” and Baby touring the new house | 38 weeks

How far along: 38 weeks

Gender: BOY

Weight gain:  up 28 lbs…the past few weeks I’ve been hungry ALL. THE. TIME. Clearly the scale is reflecting this, sheesh! Baby has been having his final growth spurt, for sure!

Maternity clothes: The more comfortable and easier to step in and out of, the happier I am. 🙂 I’ve completely ditched heels and boots as of this week – if it doesn’t go with my Uggs or my Toms, I’m not wearing it!

Stretch marks: I think I’ve spotted a mark on the underside of my bump, but hard to know for sure until I can get a better (post-delivery) look! Otherwise, so far, so good!

Belly button in or out: flush, and the top is popping out a bit.

Sleep: Still waking up multiple times a night to use the restroom, but while my lower back has stopped giving me fits, now the pain and discomfort has moved into my pelvic floor. How’s THAT for TMI? 🙂 It feels like every ligament in my groin and inner/upper thighs is stretched to the point of snapping, and if I move the wrong way in my sleep, I am instantly awake because of the pain. Thank goodness we are nearing the end…

Best moment:  My last three weekly appointments have revealed consistent progress on the dilation front (again, TMI?!) but I’m just happy to know we’re roughly a third of the way there as far as centimeters! 🙂

Worst moment: My 37 week check happened just as my head cold was coming on, which may or may not have had to do with my blood pressure spiking that particular visit. I was suddenly swelling in my ankles as well, and my weight had jumped more than the weekly pound or so…all out of the norm for me. The nurses had me all nerved up about the changes, but the doctor assured me it was all fine as long as I started taking the order to “drink water” very seriously, which I did. By the next week, all the numbers were back down and normal, but it was a less-than-fun visit!

Miss anything: I’m very ready to have my body back to myself. To zip a normal, non-maternity coat up. To bend over and get what I need without lack of oxygen. To comfortably tie my shoes or shave my legs. You get the idea…

Movement: Busier at certain times than others, but yes lots of movement! He is officially head down these last couple of weeks, and tends to favor the right side of my rib cage to press his little butt and feet up against. Sometimes it’s just pressure, but other times it hurts and I either have to change position or actually push on him a little to let up – yowza, Buddy!

Cravings: Nothing specific, just lots of snacks. It seems every couple hours, my mind drifts back to hmm, what to eat next…

Queasy or sick: Finally kicking a head cold, but otherwise just uncomfortable.

Looking forward to: Signs of labor! There really is a reason this whole process takes nine months… we’ve gone from the shock of the news, to weeks of wrapping our heads around the idea of expanding our family, to final months of anxious anticipation, and finally now, to the “hurry up and get here already!” point. It seems so natural that this little guy join us, and I don’t feel scared of delivery, and neither of us is nervous about caring for this tiny person. We have both hit this super calm state the last couple of weeks, where we are almost bored, just waiting on him to start this next adventure!

less than six weeks…


Thanksgiving | 34 weeks

It’s hard to believe we are in the final 5+ weeks before this little man’s arrival. We have seen more than one baby arrive early this year, so I have that in the back of my mind (although my doctor thinks I’ll go past my due date). I’ve been drafting a list of things to remember for the hospital, tackling some box-packing around the apartment, doing a little baby laundry, and trying to stay on top of my workload as I plan for maternity leave, juuuust in case I have less time than I think.

car seat page

 Car seat bases and backseat mirrors installed…check!

We’ve been crossing things off our list like grabbing the last essential items off our registry, getting my car in for an oil change, dental check-ups, taking a baby CPR class with some friends, deep-cleaning the apartment, and stocking up on some household basics. We’re hoping to make the first weeks at home with a newborn just a tiny bit easier and with fewer to-dos. Just getting our new routine down while trying to move to the house will be work enough, so anything that can be done now (and to avoid taking a newborn out and about in January weather more than necessary), is being done.

baby gap

I even schemed to get Page into a Baby Gap one night after dinner…after lecturing ME that Baby has enough clothes, he found a couple items that will allow him to match the new “mod lodge” house…and we even made a second stop at the other location across town to grab a matching onesie that became a “must”. Hehe…turns out no one can resist adorable baby clothes!

In some ways, being in the apartment is a blessing and helps me to keep things simple. I’m not overwhelmed with the tasks of readying a nursery (baby’s “room” is a rock ‘n’ play squeezed next to our bed!), or agonizing over which Pinterest freezer meal recipes to make (our freezer is the size of a microwave – no room for pre-prepared meals… just order pizza!). It has been nice to have wrapped up the last of my photo sessions for the year, so I can enjoy just working ONE full time job and take better care of myself in these last weeks. I’m looking forward to getting our Christmas cards in the mail, and putting my feet up for some holiday movies and hot chocolate. Other than that, our plan for the coming weeks is to slow our pace, get in some dates with friends, work on the next stages of house progress (stone and closets are the next meetings!), and get ready to meet this tiny new family member.

How far along: 34.5 weeks

Gender: BOY

Weight gain:   up 20lbs…praying a body can only pack on so much with less than six weeks to go! Baby is guesstimated between 5 pounds and 5 pounds, 2 oz. Guesses are that he will be 8+ at delivery!

Maternity clothes: Definitely favoring the most comfortable of maternity options at this point. Leggings and my Uggs seem to be the staples of most outfits.

Stretch marks: Still no…knock on wood!

Belly button in or out: no popping, but pretty flush

Sleep: I have finally figured out some comfortable positions that allow me to stay asleep for longer stretches before hip pain, heartburn, extra-strong kicks, hunger, or all of the above, wake me up :). I am still up a couple times a night to pee, but between a routine of popping Tums just before bed and recruiting extra pillows on top of the Snoogle to get comfy, sleep has improved a bit and just in time – I’ve been dragging myself through many of my days!


Best moment:  I was blessed with a GORGEOUS second shower hosted here in town to include local girlfriends as well as my bestie who flew in from Philly. Page’s agency hosted a shower where the focus was on him for a change – go cart racing and a diaper cake topped with bourbon for the daddy-to-be! Both such thoughtful events arranged by great friends. We are SO lucky to have so many loving people in Baby’s life!

Worst moment: I can’t think of anything worthy of a WORST moment, but getting around on the ice with no sense of balance has been interesting, as has scraping my SUV windshield with a belly in the way! Page ordered me a new brush/scraper that extends a couple feet. I feel a little geriatric using it, but not complaining! Little things like just trying to roll over in bed have become something of a three-point-turn. I constantly feel like a big, awkward dork!

Miss anything: My regular clothes and more choices of what to wear. Red wine. Alcohol in general. Sleeping on my stomach. Sleeping in general. A decent sense of balance. Visiting the bathroom a normal amount of times in a day. Soft cheeses. A waistline. Clearer skin. Did I say red wine already?…

Movement: Stronger than ever, becoming more flip and roll sensations than kicks, as he gets more crowded with less room to “wind up” his punches and kicks.

Cravings: So much for the healthier things I craved earlier on! Juice and clementines, but also cinnamon rolls and salt and vinegar chips – all at the top of the list. I’ve reverted to a touch of the first trimester in terms of aversions…most meat and fish turns me off again. Lime Tostitos and mango salsa are my go-to salty-sweet thing!

Queasy or sick: Not sick, just getting uncomfortable. Pressure and a sense of feeling overly stretched comes and goes from my lower belly, along with some Braxton Hicks contractions. The tailbone pain comes and goes but trips to the chiropractor are helping. I instagrammed a pic at a recent visit, and couldn’t believe how many mamas commented that they, too, found major relief (even turning breech babies!) from chiro visits. This would be my “one piece of advice” for expecting mamas…go and get some relief from an adjustment!

Looking forward to: Our final holidays as “just us”, and I can finally say we are looking forward to Little Man’s arrival! We know it is still (likely!) a month or more away, but we feel ready and anxious to meet this babe already and begin new adventures in 2015!

baby room update!

baby room

While this may be as far as we’ve gotten on the physical room, I’ve been continuing to pull together some details for this space, when we ARE able to move in and set up shop for Little Man. While he may arrive even before we close on the house, and likely will sleep in our room anyway for the early weeks, I still have the nesting bug and something about pulling a room together for him (whether he NEEDS it or not right now), helps me feel more prepared and ready to meet him.


Baby’s dresser arrived at our apartment a couple weeks ago, in time to house some clothes and provide a decent surface to change him on, as we’re planning on still living there for the first couple weeks after we bring him home. His crib and glider are on order, but both are backordered several weeks, which is fine with us, as it has nowhere to go in the meantime!



A couple things pictured are items I have my eye on, another couple are items on our registry, and a couple (okay…maybe half??) are things I’ve already purchased. 🙂

The hardware in the room (curtain rods, door handles, etc) will be chrome, the trim white, and the walls SW Sea Salt. I’m planning to do white wooden blinds and DIY some navy/white strip curtain panels for the window.

The mobile is from PB Kids, and is what kicked off this whole scheme! I love the boats but don’t want to go TOO theme-ish, so adventure/water/boating/whales is lightly incorporated throughout. (I’m planning to design a little print with the words to “Row Row Your Boat” as well!) The fabrics to the left are two crib sheets I bought – the aqua from Land of Nod (along with the aqua “Things” bin), and the navy from Etsy. The arrow fabric at right is a changing pad cover, also from Etsy. The adventure pillow was a find from West Elm, the lamp and striped pouf are from Target, the picture frame from Michaels, the whales print is from an artist named Lucy Darling. The dresser is from a local furniture shop.

I’m excited for the months to turn to merely weeks as we count down to both the time I can put this room together for REAL…and meet its new tenant! 🙂

fall cider mocktail

fall cider mocktail | life in yellow

It’s been a while since I posted a recipe. In part, because the first weeks of this pregnancy left me wanting to do anything but deal with food, and in part because the “kitchenette” in our temporary digs houses about 10% of my normal dishes and tools. It’s hard to be inspired to whip much up when there’s not a lot to work with. All that said, one area I HAVE been diving into lately is the world of mocktails!

A couple weeks ago, a fellow mama-to-be friend and I curled up on the couch for some chat time and a mocktail. I decided to embrace the cool temp and go with something hot. This drink was super easy to prepare, and it would be great for a tailgate, with or without some added rum!

Recipe adapted from Running to the Kitchen

fall cider mocktail | life in yellow

  • 3 cups apple cider
  • ½ teaspoon whole cloves
  • ¼ teaspoon cinnamon
  • ¼ teaspoon orange extract
  • ⅓ cup dark rum (if you want to make this an “adult” bevvie!)
  • extra cinnamon + turbinado sugar for rimming

Simmer all but the cinn-sugar garnish over the stove, and strain out the cloves. I poured mine into a stainless carafe for easy serving and to keep it piping hot.

Use a slice of orange to rim glasses or mugs, and dip them in the cinn-sugar garnish. I used some peel from the same orange for a little extra somethin’-somethin’.

Sip, sigh, enjoy! 🙂

wrapping up the second trimester.



We are home from Key West and while I wished I had a few days to undo all of my indulging before hitting the doctor’s office, so such luck ha — and I was headed to my monthly appointment:

How far along: 26 weeks and counting! (Baby’s the size of a head of lettuce)

Gender: BOY

Weight gain:   +9lbs…right on track (phew!) and trying to keep things steady between workouts and eating right (for the MOST part…vacation week NOT included!)

Maternity clothes: Almost everything now is maternity – or at least the basics, layered with some non-maternity pieces.

Stretch marks: No – lotioning up daily!

Belly button in or out: in, but definitely becoming more shallow…

Sleep: sleeping pretty well, but wake up at least once a night because of pain in my hips/tailbone area and have to readjust to find a position that’s comfortable

Best moment:  Certainly, our trip to Key West, and also welcoming our friends’ baby boy and both Page and me loving on him and not quite believing that in three short months, we’ll have our own! Another great moment was officially deciding on his name! It wasn’t the plan to do any more than narrow it down to a list of 2 or 3 and see what best fit him when he arrived…but when I wanted to order something personalized a couple weeks ago, Page offered that “I think we know the name don’t we?” and I quickly agreed. The same name has been floating to the top for a while now…and it’s fun to make it official and refer to him by it when we chat about him.

Worst moment: the rainy days that WOULD.NOT.STOP. through early September. We’d get one clear day, but not enough in a row to finally pour the garage floors and move on to framing, pushing back our timeline even further.

Miss anything: always red wine – especially at the news of adding months to our construction loan…a glass would really take the edge off ha! I’ve indulged in sips here and there at this point…but I’d love to just bust into a bottle with no reservations!

Movement: LOTS! I’m grateful for the kicks, of course, but Baby seems to think it’s funny to go full-on David Beckham at about 4am lately! Starting in another week, I use an app to officially begin counting them.

Cravings: Cereal, apple juice, bananas, and about once a week I MUST have a sprinkled donut — it’s non-negotiable 🙂

Queasy or sick: some heartburn but not awful, otherwise great!

Looking forward to: upcoming showers — my sister-in-law is hosting a family get-together the end of October, and two of my girlfriends are hosting one here in Des Moines in early November for our friends…can’t wait to celebrate this little guy with loved ones!

home from key west.



We were blessed to take a very relaxing four nights in the Florida Keys and get away from it all — day jobs, second jobs, homebuilding, and apartment living. We love to be busy, and we truly enjoy working, but once we nearly forced ourselves to schedule a little time away, we realized just how much we needed it. Lots of sun (and humidity!), lots of laughs, lots of food (I may have eaten my weight in gelato!), and lots of quiet, smiley moments, as we focused on what’s to come as we start the third trimester in the coming days. _MG_0782-Edit

On the eve of our seventh wedding anniversary, we shot some maternity pictures. Little One stole the show of course and I’m beyond thrilled we have these rare, slowed-down, moments captured in photographs, as a way to remember this special time in our lives that is fleeting for sure. (Little One officially has his name by the way…it’s incorporated into a picture we took at this session that I’m dying to share later after he’s made his arrival.)



Big thank you hugs to the awesome Harmons duo for a photography session around the island that felt more like a double date with friends we’d known for years. I will treasure these photos for years to come.

I’m looking forward to writing another post more specifically about the trip and the sights we saw and places we ate and stayed that we’d definitely recommend. But for tonight, I’m just reliving this perfect past Sunday night with my main guy, and my little guy on the way.

maternity picture planning.



Navy polo: Banana Republic | Coral pants: Southern Tide | Navy maternity maxi: Old Navy
Necklace: Unknown | Hair flowers: Claire’s | Polish: Beauty.com

While taking our anniversary trip-turned-babymoon in September later this fall, we decided to capitalize on the location and take maternity photos while in the sun and sand. I am so excited to be working with Matt + Michelle for an evening shoot along the beach! I spied a beach portrait recently where the guy had on some sweet coral chinos…and the look above just spanned from there.

At the encouragement of the photogs, we are planning a second outfit as well – still nailing down the details, but we’re going for a dressier “post-date-night-walk-along-the-beach” kind of vibe…and I’m planning to carry the Loubs in hand for a couple red-sole shots. 😉

Can’t wait to take these pics in anticipation of Baby S’ arrival!